Friday, March 4, 2016

Creative Writing Students Share Their Work

Nicole Street and the high school creative writing class invites you to visit their blog, Banana Press Anthology. This body of work, titled: Surface: A Final Issue can be found at Banana Press Kaua‘i:

Below is a preview;

By Max Movaghar

The Color: Scarlet

Down from the heavens the first rain falls
The booming thunder sounds from above
A roaring howl across the field
Yet no lightning strikes.
Another life taken in this cruel world
Another companion stolen away by the rushing fluid
Not a soul will turn to see him, they keep moving
Not a soul will stray from the queen’s will
Not a soul will turn back for his body
Not a soul will remember what he gave.
When titans clash, it’s best to be invisible

By Aspen Wolfgang


The small snake of the grass
The docile creature of walls
Seen and feared for no reason
Blending to the world enclosing them
They too starve
though they find bugs in the window sill
They too fear
Maybe its the strong vibrations
The warm embrace of sun finds them
and they soak it in
Tiny feet suspend slender bodies
Their home, our home or the foliage towering above,
and below them a damp and lo
amy surface.

By Julia Randolph-Flagg

The Captive

The tiny metal gate slowly creaks open
revealing a paw sure footedly stepping into the lush forest
the first time in months
amber contrasting with the emerald green
beneath its mighty claws
The lion walks out with a ballerina's grace
despite his massive size, muscles rolling
before dipping down in a house-cat stretch
his back a slope of golden wheat
his eyes the color of Mars
seemingly just as old, as if he too watched
the rise and fall of empires.

Senior Update

Amanda Nguyen has been accepted at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, where she was a awarded at Trustee Scholarship; and to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, where she was awarded a Presidential Scholarship.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scholarship Opportunity for Seniors and College Students

The Kilauea Point Natural History Association is now accepting applications for their annual scholarship. This scholarship is in honor of Dan Moriarty who was an exceptional environmental educator and conservationist. One of the main purposes of the scholarship is to foster greater awareness and protection of native Hawaiian ecosystems by supporting the college education of students from Hawai‘i with the hope that they will return to Kaua‘i and further the cause of environmental conservation. The award is up to $3,000 and is applied directly to college expenses.

Last year we awarded over $10,000 to deserving students.

With this in mind, eligibility requirements include:

Field of Study: In the broadly defined fields of botany, zoology, history and related subjects concerning the Hawaiian environment (wildlife management, interpretation, conservation and environmental education are included)

The student must have been a resident of Hawai‘i within the last five years.

Enrolled in a four-year college or university

Grade point average of 3.0 or better

 Preferences include:

       · Student is from Kaua‘i but not required.
       · Is an upper-level undergraduate (junior or senior) although both lower level and graduate                             
          student applications will be accepted.
       · Has demonstrated community service in environmental projects, such as volunteer or
         internship programs.
       · Is actively participating in environmental clubs or organizations 

It is imperative that all required documents be postmarked by April 30, 2016.

Applications and additional information can be obtained at:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Next LRC Themes

3/8 - 11: By popular request, HORSE WEEK will be celebrated in the LRC. Bring your ponies, stallions, mares, fillies, and colts to decorate the library. Yes, we'll be horsing around in the LRC!

3/14 - 18: They╩╗ll be celebrating IRELAND WEEK. Maybe Ireland's little people will come visit our little people!

3/21-24: Wednesday, March 23, is National Puppy Day, so it's DOG WEEK in the LRC. Fetch your favorite canine companion to the LRC this week. Mrs. Flagg is hoping to get so many dogs that the LRC will look like a Dalmatian Plantation (all breeds are welcome though)!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Time to Sign Up for Lunch

To download this form, right-click and save on your desktop.

Snack Accounts are separate from the Lunch Program

Snacks are served on a daily basis. There are a variety of snacks that range in prices from 50¢ to $2.00. Regular snack items available every day include:
* fresh veggies with dip
* hard-boiled eggs
* milk
* juice boxes
* chips
* trail mix
* granola bars

Several times a week, the kitchen makes hot snacks. Some of these choices are:
* pancakes
* french fries
* musubi
* pasta
* soup
* fried rice
Snack Accounts can be set up for your child(ren) by contacting the Front Office and putting money into an account for them. The students come by and charge to their account. When the account starts getting low, Lulu Schilleci, will contact you via e-mail to let you know it is time to replenish your account. Students can always use cash to pay for their snacks, as well.