Friday, January 29, 2016

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New Scholarship Announcements for Seniors

  1. Kaua'i Board of Realtors Scholarship. Applications available in Joan's ofice. Based on merit, not need. DUE: March 31, 2016. Kaua'i Board of Realtors typically awards several $1000 scholarships.
  2. Zonta Club of Hanalei Scholarship, Based on academic achievements, volunteer/community service, interview, essay submission and financial need. $1000 awards. Applications available in Joan's office or at DUE: March 22, 2016.

Next Week is Monkey Week in the LRC

Last week, students had fun making birthday cards, writing birthday poems, looking through old yearbooks in the LRC.

Here are some samples:
Vintage I.S. T-shirts are still on display.



This week is Monkey Week!

Students Enjoy Visit With Broadway Actor

Students from Ms. April's Theatre Arts classes, cast members from "Twelfth Night," and other interested students and teachers were fascinated by stories and acting tips given by Broadway actor, two-time Tony Award nominee and film actor, Lewis J. Standlen.

Mr. Standlen shared stories that illustrated the skill involved in being an actor. "Actors write their own stories underneath their lines," he said, describing how a fellow actor invented a detailed backstory of a telephone booth installed in the bar in which his character was bartending. "I was just starting out in the business. I asked the actor why he was so angry at that phone booth. 'It doesn't say to do that anywhere in the script,' I said. He told me he hated that phone booth, and here's why. It was 1939. What was going on in 1939?" Standlen asked the students. "Right! The world was falling into war. People came into that bar to get away from their troubles. Well that phone booth brought the outside world into that bar. That's why he hated that phone booth!"

Standlen studied with theatre greats, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. He has performed in numerous stage and film roles, including A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and The Producers, with Nathan Lane, and The Verdict, with Paul Newman. To learn more about Lewis J. Standlen, click here:

Putting the "HA" in HAwai‘i

How many Hawaiian words do you know that have the letters HA in them? That's what students in Hawaiian Studies were asked in a recent lesson.

They said aloha, mahalo, Hanalei, Hanamaulu, Hanapepe and haka to name just a few.

HA means breathe and every living thing has it. You can feel it if you put your hands over your mouth and nose and exhale. You can see it if you blow bubbles - which is what Kumu Kauka's student did in their Hawaiian Studies class last week!

Kindergartners Nai'a Spindt, Haley Zaharias and Jazmine Pedersen

Levi Costa (L) and  Sean Lottermoser (R), with a visiting student.