Friday, September 9, 2016

Brain Gym® Workshop - Sunday, Oct. 2

Noreen Dougherty (former I.S. PK teacher)
Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor / Consultant
P.O. Box 685
Kapaa, Hawaii 96746

Brain Gym® Introductory Workshop
Sunday October 2, 2016
9 am – 12:00 pm    Basic Introductory workshop
1 pm – 4 pm    Do It!! Repatternings, balances, profiles
$25/ morning,  $25/ afternoon,  $40/both sessions

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Brain Gym® is a program of easy physical movements that synchronize body and mind to optimize how we learn and perform in all areas of our lives. This seminar contains an introduction to Brain Gym® including a brief explanation of how we learn, the hemispheres of the brain, the importance of doing the PACE, how stress affects us, and teaches several of the Brain Gym® movements and when to use them.  This class is both lecture and experiential.

Participants will:

Learn what Brain Gym® is and how to implement it in their lives                  
Learn how to do PACE, and experience the effects.
Understand the effects of stress and specific strategies to use.
Learn additional movements to improve academics, focus, and daily life activity
Have the opportunity to participate in a Question/Answer session.

This course is open to ALL

Part I     Introduction to Brain Gym® Class
9:00 am. – 12:00 noon

Part I I  Balance for Specific Goals
1:00 pm. – 4:00 pm.

Fee:          Part I      ___________ $25.00           
Part II :  ___________ $25.00

          Parts I & II : ___________ $40.00

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Cash: accepted

   Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle!
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