Thursday, September 1, 2016

Art Students Reproduce Shapes and Angles

Students in middle school and high school art began the school year learning about observational drawing. They each selected a few items from a large collection of three-dimensional items and arranged them. Then they carefully observed them, rendering them in soft graphite. They learned about using ratios to get the proper proportions and about seeing and reproducing shapes and angles.
Mahalo to Mr. Dean for letting the class borrow some of his antique cameras to observe and draw.

Logan Judd ʻ18

Niki Upson ʻ21

Jadie April ʻ21

Katie Cook ʻ20

Paulina Do ʻ21

 Jenna Takeuchi ʻ21

Spencer Summerhays ʻ23

Isabella Ancharski ʻ19
This is some of the "stuff" they copied.