Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teachers Bond Through Art Activity

Our enthusiastc Island School teachers participated in a two-hour art workshop Tuesday entitled "Exploring Color," led by Penny Nichols. They watched an inspiring Ted Talk, where they learned to "embrace the limitations." Then they experimented with mixing colors, using the twelve-color wheel. Working with an unusual palette that contained only red, yellow, and purple, along with black and white, participants were challenged to "embrace the limitations" and create a seascape without any blue paint. 

An exhibit in the Main Hall showcases all of the teachers' extraordinary artwork.  Stop by and see all of their wonderful creative interpretations.

Here are some of their original creations:

by Alicia Hedelsky - Chinese Teacher

by Joe Corbo - Math/Science Teacher

by John Patterson - Science Teacher

by Keana Oliveira - PK Aide

by Philip Steinbacher - Music/English Teacher

by Stephanie Achuara - Math/Science Teacher

Maria Graves and Lei Kurz - elementary aides

Jessica Crowe, Spanish Teacher; Dave Reynolds, English Teacher; and Peggy Ellenburg, Theatre Arts Teacher

Joe Corbo, Math/Science Teacher