Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Haps

This has been ONE BUSY CAMPUS over the summer! Besides our summer school programs, both our own and those of the several renters, Mike Goto has been overseeing a long list of projects. Our fantastic summer workers have cleaned, painted, and landscaped in all corners of the campus.

One of the bigger projects has been moving the Pre-K to the new KCC facility. This involved building a lunch area, installing a gate and stepping stones, and painting a crosswalk so our keiki can travel safely to and from the main campus.

Three new (to us) school  buses have been acquired and WiFi installed in some of them.

In honor of the late Margo Latif (class of 2014) a group of her classmates planted several plumeria trees along the side of the Wilcox Gymnasium.

Another Matson container has been added for storage of robotics equipment for KauaiBots.

Stop by the Office! You'll see Alice's new Logo Store, which has been moved to a new room carved out of the LRC. She even has her own door, on the west side of the building. Valerie's accounting office has also moved into the former Logo Store, which has been divided into two spaces, one as a conference room.

(At left, Tailene Griep stops by to see Alice at the new Logo Store to purchase her son's Island School shirts.)