Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Third Graders Perform Original Puppet Plays

Students performed short puppet plays for parents and their kindergarten Little Buddies. Working in small groups in their Theatre Arts class, students had to describe a problem one of their puppet characters was having and then write a script about how it was solved.

Travis Calio, Andrey Semenov, Ryan                    Hannah Pearson, Ke‘alohi Molina,
Biedermann,  Lucas Summerhays                         Aria Cuthberson, Ashley Chun in "The Bullies" 
in "Aqua Wars"

Fuko Shindo and Mary Magoun in                               Deacon Hawk, Luisa Junqueira,  
"Lost in the Forest"                                                              Christopher  Jobe, Keolani Luka in
                                                                                                    "The Singing Contest"

Nohea Judd, Selah Snowden, Kahi Apao, Kaedyn
Santiago, Heidee-Lei Kaeo
 in "Bob Can't Stop Laughing"