Tuesday, May 3, 2016

High School Art Students

High school art students made life-sized body tracings, using brown kraft paper and a variety of materials, including tempera paints, collage, soft pastels, oil and conte crayons. They began by working in pairs, tracing one another's bodies, and then added layers of wet and dry materials. They attempted to create a mood, using silhouettes of their bodies as templates for abstracted designs.

Tabitha Ross ʻ19                     Aidan Wilson ʻ18                Kathryn Field ʻ19

Maile Mijares '18, Alae Miike ʻ19, Courtney Marois '19, Andy Anderton ʻ17

Daria Semenova ʻ19

Taj Gutierrez ʻ18                Izzy Ancharski ʻ19