Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MS & HS Students Learn CPR

Last week Tuesday, April 5. our P.E. students from grades 6-9, as well as the senior class, participated in a CPR training that was brought to us by KFD.  Milo Spindt '94, was the lead in this event and brought over firefighters from the Lihu‘e Fire Department to help our students learn "Hands-only CPR."

One of the goals that KFD has for the island of Kaua‘i is to help increase awareness of community members about how to perform "Hands-only CPR' and educate others about using an AED. Following a program that has been used and is successful in the state of Washington, KFD hopes that their program will also increase the probability that people on the Garden Island will be confident, willing, and able to use the Hands-only CPR and have knowledge of how to use an AED to help someone in need during cardiac arrest.

The "Chain of Survival" was taught to the students. This chain is 1. Check the scene for safety
2. Nudge the victim
3. Call 911
4. Get an AED
5. Hands-only CPR
6. Use an AED
7. EMS
The students were able to practice the "Chain of Survival" in a hands-on fashion on over 40 manikins provided by KFD. The students also got to use or observe someone using an AED as well as go through role-play scenarios that will help them to be confident if an accident does occur. The firefighters did an awesome job with the training and the videos and equipment used were suitable for all ages. Milo Spindt did a great job organizing and leading the event.