Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anatomy Students Visit JABSOM

The high school anatomy class traveled to O‘ahu for the day last week.. The trip was a tremendous success.

The group visited a working wet lab at the Cancer Center and pretended to be doctors at JABSOM (John A. Burns School of Medicine). They also visited the anatomy lab where they compared a smoker's lung to a healthy lung. They also looked at a diseased liver, and held human brains in their hands! The students put on their gloves and examined a human cadaver. They identified different tissue types, muscles, and organs. They even got to investigate the cause of death which in this case was lung disease.

Our students were impressive. They were confident, engaged, and knowledgeable.  Great job, Voyagers. Many thanks to Mrs. Sullivan for arranging this educational experience and to Dr. Wortmann for accompanying them.

Students learn about sponge tissue from the Big Island that may have an effect on treating breast cancer.

Students practice their bedside manner as they conduct wellness checks on each other.

It's not easy to take the pulse, count respiratory rate, and chat with the patient all at the same time!

The group included: Sydney Agudong ʻ18, Saige Akana ʻ16, Nora Foss ʻ17, Sam Goldberg ʻ16, Sara Graves ʻ16, Jordan Macklin ʻ16, Laura Macklin ʻ16, Lauren Oelke ʻ16 andRebecca Stevens ʻ17.