Friday, March 4, 2016

Creative Writing Students Share Their Work

Nicole Street and the high school creative writing class invites you to visit their blog, Banana Press Anthology. This body of work, titled: Surface: A Final Issue can be found at Banana Press Kaua‘i:

Below is a preview;

By Max Movaghar

The Color: Scarlet

Down from the heavens the first rain falls
The booming thunder sounds from above
A roaring howl across the field
Yet no lightning strikes.
Another life taken in this cruel world
Another companion stolen away by the rushing fluid
Not a soul will turn to see him, they keep moving
Not a soul will stray from the queen’s will
Not a soul will turn back for his body
Not a soul will remember what he gave.
When titans clash, it’s best to be invisible

By Aspen Wolfgang


The small snake of the grass
The docile creature of walls
Seen and feared for no reason
Blending to the world enclosing them
They too starve
though they find bugs in the window sill
They too fear
Maybe its the strong vibrations
The warm embrace of sun finds them
and they soak it in
Tiny feet suspend slender bodies
Their home, our home or the foliage towering above,
and below them a damp and lo
amy surface.

By Julia Randolph-Flagg

The Captive

The tiny metal gate slowly creaks open
revealing a paw sure footedly stepping into the lush forest
the first time in months
amber contrasting with the emerald green
beneath its mighty claws
The lion walks out with a ballerina's grace
despite his massive size, muscles rolling
before dipping down in a house-cat stretch
his back a slope of golden wheat
his eyes the color of Mars
seemingly just as old, as if he too watched
the rise and fall of empires.