Wednesday, March 30, 2016

4th Graders Chat With Albizia Tree-Trimmers

Always looking for a "teachable moment," Kumu Kauka took advantage of the recent tree trimming project adjacent to Island School that caught the attention of 4th grade students in Hawaiian Studies. They have been learning about the watershed from the top of Waiʻaleʻale to the ocean.

Growing in the watershed where our school is located are albizia trees that are native to Africa. According to Rich Teter of Kaua'i Tree Care the albizia trees on Kaua‘i grow twice as tall as those in Africa because our soil is richer and there is more rain.
Teter took a moment to talk to our 4th grade students about his work. He showed them the tools of his trade and explained how he uses them. The students were very interested in what he said.

"That looks really cool," said Titus Schweitzer.