Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Voyager Athletics: week of Feb. 8

KIF Soccer

Our girls lost to Kapa‘a on Tuesday, 7-1. Brianna Griep '16, pictured left, scored the goal for the Voyagers. Our boys tied 0-0.

On Saturday, our girls lost to Kaua‘i High, 3-0. Our boys beat KHS 1-0, with Josh Miller '16, scoring the winning goal. Kudos to Reece Valencia '18, who played goalie the entire game (and had never played that position before)!

For the final game of the season, the Voyagers play KIF champions, Waimea, at Island School on Wednesday at 4 p.m. The season is over for the girls.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Fujimoto, The Garden Island.

KIF Wrestling

Mahalo to student VV contributor, Audrey Warner, '19.
Wrestling is one of the smaller, lesser known sports on Kaua‘i. This is reflected by the small size of our team. The wrestling team for the 2015-2016 season consisted of three girls: Quinn Catlin ‘19, Audrey Warner ‘19, and Aliana Ho ‘18; along with four boys: Eosin Chelius ‘18, Kenneth Niheu ‘18, Ian Penner ‘18 and Aidan Wilson ‘18.
For the past few months, these seven athletes have been practicing for the five meets, which began on January 9th. They compete against all grade levels within the three other KIF high schools. Every Saturday they met in the early morning to weigh-in, warm-up, and wait for their names to get called for their bouts. There are 14 weight classes for both girls and guys. This means that no matter what grade or age the wrestlers are, they will be wrestling other girls or guys in their weight class - freshman wrestling freshman or even freshman wrestling seniors.  
This past Saturday they competed in the KIF championships at Kapa‘a. The three girls represented Island School in two separate weight classes. Quinn Catlin competed in the 112 class, which consisted of a total of only two girls. She lost to Kaua‘i High's Justice Funamura-Sasil, placing her 2nd in her weight class. Audrey Warner and Aliana Ho competed in the 127 weight class, which included the two Island School girls and one sophomore from Kaua‘i High. During the first round, Aliana lost to Halle Sakai by a pin from Kauai High. In the second round, Audrey lost by a pin to Halle once again. These losses placed Aliana in 3rd and Audrey in 2nd for their weight class.
The four boys all wrestled in different weight classes. Ian Penner was the only one in the 113 weight class, which automatically placed him first on the island. Eosin Chelius wrestled in the 170 weight class against Izaia Nitta from Waimea High and Raycyn Aviguetero from Kaua‘i High. Eosin’s match consisted of him getting an extreme bloody nose and injuring his shoulder. He lost, which placed him 3rd overall in his weight class. Kenneth Niheu competed in the 182 weight class against Micah Cardinez from Kaua‘i High. He lost his match which placed him 2nd overall. The last of the Island School boys’ wrestlers, Aidan Wilson, wrestled in the 220 weight class against Andrew Evans from Waimea High. He lost his match and placed 2nd overall in his weight class.
The Island School wrestlers worked hard to compete at such a high level of this sport and should be proud of their accomplishments. Next year, I hope this program continues to grow and thrive under the coaching of Coach Cobb-Adams.

Middle School Basketball

Our Blue team beat Lihu‘e Team A on Saturday. They will play Lihu‘e B on February 18, 7:00 p.m., at Kalaheo Gym. They are improving with each game!

Island School Gold worked hard and didn't give up Saturday. They lost to Hanakila. They will play Garden Island Hoops Gold at Island School on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.