Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Science Olympiad Teams to Compete at States

Island School was well represented at the Kaua'i District Science Olympiad Tournament on Monday at Kaua‘i Community College.  

The Middle School teams won all but one event and they took 1st place and 2nd place overall. The highlights included a rocket that launched an egg into the air and delivered it safely to the earth after a 12 second flight. They also had a balsa wood bridge that only weighed 13.8 g and it held 12.4 Kg of sand!  AMAZING. These Olympiad students won events ranging from anatomy to dynamic planet, and one group even made ice cream!

The entire Middle School team won the spirit award. This is a reflection of good sportsmanship and being well prepared. Supervisors and coaches from other teams noticed that students from Island School were complimenting other teams, being grateful, and offering equipment to other teams who forgot some required supplies.

The High School team did well too. They won 2nd place overall. This team built an efficient windmill and designed an electric car with a unique braking system that travels quickly and stops close to a target point. These students even programmed a video game on the spot. They did well in anatomy, hydrogeology, and chemistry lab.  

Both the Middle and the High School teams will represent Kaua'i at the State tournament Saturday, March 5th on O'ahu. 

Luke Sullivan '20, & Cameron Hubler '21, did the Scrambler event. They built a car that was activated by a falling mass to travel a given distance. The car was carrying an egg and it had to stop before a barrier so the egg didn't break. 

6th graders, Michael Perales & Avinash Srikanth launched a rocket that stayed in the air for 12 seconds and delivered an egg to the earth safely.