Friday, January 29, 2016

Putting the "HA" in HAwai‘i

How many Hawaiian words do you know that have the letters HA in them? That's what students in Hawaiian Studies were asked in a recent lesson.

They said aloha, mahalo, Hanalei, Hanamaulu, Hanapepe and haka to name just a few.

HA means breathe and every living thing has it. You can feel it if you put your hands over your mouth and nose and exhale. You can see it if you blow bubbles - which is what Kumu Kauka's student did in their Hawaiian Studies class last week!

Kindergartners Nai'a Spindt, Haley Zaharias and Jazmine Pedersen

Levi Costa (L) and  Sean Lottermoser (R), with a visiting student.