Friday, May 22, 2015

General Announcements: May 24-27

Bus Schedule Through End of School

Elementary students last day for school bus transportation will be on the morning of Friday, June 5, at the regular times.  There will be no PM bus transportation for elementary students on Friday, June 5. Elementary students must be picked up by parents from the Beach Blast Off event or make other arrangements. 
For High School and Middle School students, the afternoon school bus will leave Island School on Friday, June 5, at 2:10 p.m. The following week, Monday, June 8, Tuesday, June 9, and Wednesday, June 10, students will be picked up in the morning at special (later) times while the afternoon school bus will leave school at 2:10 p.m on two days; except for Wednesday, June 10th, when the bus will leave at regular time of 3:10 p.m. Notices will be handed out to bus riders citing the special times the morning bus will leave from each stop on June 8, 9, and 10.  Arrival at school on those days will be 8:30 a.m
The late van service will end on Thursday, June 4.  Late van/bus service will no longer be provided after June 4th.  If you have any questions please call the Office.  Mahalo. 

Bob's Retirement Dinner Was Deeply Appreciated

photos on our Shutterfly site: (password=islandschool)

From Bob: 
Aloha kakou -- Thanks for an incredible evening. After each of these events I wonder, "How do we top this??" and, "What does one say now??" Leinani and I were overwhelmed. Though we were the focal point, we saw the event as a celebration of the entire Island School ohana.

For us the evening ended the way it should, with members of the faculty and staff joined together in a boisterous dance, front and center then down the aisle, arms gyrating, feet stomping, and countenances beaming to the lively beat of the music. How this was organized is a wonder in itself, a demonstration of an amazing, vibrant, lively and limber group (such movements!) that services so well our students and their families. 
The event was heart warming for Leinani and me, our moment of fame in a beautifully decorated gym, with lei aplenty, catered food and libations, beautifully danced hula and song, speeches and gifts galore, and roasts with some truths. I thought for a moment, "This is your life!" . . .  or at least a version of it, from joyous musical experiences during those early years at Kamehameha to classroom teaching and administration, ending with 18 marvelous years at Island School. It has been a varied and most interesting career.
I was quite pleased with last evening's representation: members of the Board of Directors; administrators, faculty, and staff; representatives of Island School's Alumni Association; officers of the Parent Association; three student performers; two members of the County Council; friends from the larger community, including five dear colleagues from Kamehameha. This is a credit to all of us working together in ways that provide useful services and build reputations. Island School is well established, the result of our coordinated efforts. I am given credit for much of what we have accomplished, and I take this recognition gratefully knowing that it represents you and what you have done much more than anything I have contributed.
I am deeply appreciative to the Board of Directors for its unwavering support over the years and for sponsoring "Bob's and Leinani's Night." Special mahalos to all who participated. This was an evening to remember.

Nice Tribute to Bob in TGI

If you missed this in TGI, check it out. A fitting tribute!

 Sign Up Now For I.S. Summer Programs

T-Shirt Exchange Tuesday-Friday

The Parent Association is asking for gently used Island School t-shirts to be donated for their T-shirt Exchange next week, from Tuesday, May 26 - Friday May 29. The exchange will take place on the back lanai of the Administration Building from 2:15 - 3:15.

Please drop of your gently used I.S. shirts to the Front Office - any size, any color. Seniors - this is a great opportunity to recycle your Island School shirts!


♥ ♥ ♥ Week of May 25: Mahalo to ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥   Lovey Calio for treating the Front Office staff (and others 'in the know') to her fantastic cakes - all year long!

♥ ♥ ♥   all the KIF coaches and to everyone who assisted Jen and Kaipo with and attend the Sport's Banquet, especially: Sean Magoun: assisting with set up and sound; the following for preparing and setting up the food:, Donna & Christina King, Kristina Caminos, Valerie Rivera, Fred and Cadice Pascual, Paul and Noelani Pomroy, Joan Kealalio, Kaulana Haneberg, Daniel Bicciche and Dean Wakamoto; also to Mary Pratt for her donation of Lapperts Ice Cream pies!

♥ ♥ ♥   Lehua Lee for washing "Jungle Book" costumes Shannon Ladd and Stephen & Ming Lauren for taking tickets at the door, Carrie Riley for organizing the concessions and her helpers, Shawn & Sheamus Riley, Hasina Mitchell and Rose Alfiler, Jaden Hamid for filming the show, Peggy Ellenburg for taking photos, and to all the parents who helped break down the set in under 45 minutes flat!

♥ ♥ ♥   Daniel Bicciche for building a hanging rack for the Lost & Found.

♥ ♥ ♥  the following people for helping get the set ready for the middle school play, "Jungle Book:" Rocco April, Jaden April, Madisyn Carter, Kira Leonard. Also to these parents for bringing snacks for their after school rehearsals: Alicia Asuncion, Collette O'guin and Michelle Jona, and to Deyanna Mielke, Ross Asuncion & Naomi Leibow for their help with sets and costumes.

♥ ♥ ♥  Ethan Jeal '18, and Haley Sharp '18, for painting pedestals and walls at the KSA gallery, David Harris '15, and Saige Akana '16, for their help loading and unloading equipment for Eye on Art (and David for his technical assistance); Allison Smith-Estelle and Valerie Rivera for bringing food;  Dean Wakamoto for providing juice, show­sitters Deatri Nakea, Val Rivera, Maya Rivera '18, Adie Siebring, Licia McDonald and Ron Stover; Zach Beydoun '15, for helping break down the exhibit; Kaua‘i Society of Artists and Kukui Grove Center for making their gallery space affordable and for their support of the arts in education.

♥ ♥ ♥   Liz Hubbard and Janet  Powell for helping Nathaniel Evslin with the student film festival.

High School Happenings - Week of May 23



Honors Biology Students Learn About Environmental Preferences

Ms. Mink's Honors Bio class finished up their year of labs with an investigation of the behavior and environmental preferences of pillbugs (roly-polies, wood lice, isopods). Photos show students
catching their experimental subjects and then observing what they do in boxes that offer a choice of surroundings - wet or dry, light or dark, sheltered or exposed.


Some Pics From Prom


 Student Government Election Results Are In!

Student Government finished up the Executive Board elections with amazing candidate speeches today. The Student Government 2015-16 Executive Board is:
President, Jade Murphy '16
Vice-President, Carolyn Price '17
Secretary, Emily Sullivan '18
Treasurer, Rebecca Stevens '16
Please congratulate them, as well as Brianna Griep, Jordan Macklin, Ari Wilson and Daniel Wu on a  job well done. Class elections will take place when school resumes in the fall.

 Sophomore Round Table Discussion - Thoughtful & Engaging

Congratulations to Catherine Barale and David Reynold, along with the faculty facilitators for the third part of the year-long Sophomore Project, which took place last Thursday. Students were divided into three groups of ten. Students linked what they had learned in English and social studies to questions and themes of the exercise. They were engaged, and most were eager to share their current understanding of the American experience with their classmates. Evidence of this came with the break at the half-way point: students continued conversing about the topics even while enjoying the light refreshments, and they enthusiastically returned to their chairs for the second half.

The discussions were the third part of the Project. During the first trimester, students wrote a thesis paper as an English assignment in American Literature . During the second, they prepared a position paper for their U.S. History class. This third part was a culmination of the first two, a cross disciplinary exercise that required an ability to recall and connect content, a quick wit in formulating responses, conversational skills of listening and responding, and a self confidence that allowed each student to express himself or herself in this public setting.

Senior Update

Jacob Dysinger was awarded the Ray Yoshida Kaua'i Fine Arts Scholarship of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. Congratulations!

Students Getting Ready to Test ROVs in New 8,000 GallonTank

High School General Science students were working on their Underwater Remotely-Operated vehicles (ROVs) last week. They hope to start running them in the new 8,000 gallon test tank soon. The tank is along the gravel roadway in the robotics area behind Purdy Hall.
Kilikai Ahuna '17

Emma Kelekoma '18, Olivier Gendron '18 

Rebekah Boyd '18

Katy Davidson '15, Nico Maione '18,
Emma Kelekoma

Marine Science Students Learn About Estuaries

The marine science class visited Niumalu Beach Park, where Dr. Carl Berg explained estuarine ecosystems and native Hawaiian plants adapted to brackish water.

Students measured the salinity at various locations using a refractometer and found it ranged from 11 ppt to 27 ppt (ocean water is 35 ppt). The students also helped in the removal of invasive red mangrove seedlings from the newly re-vegetated marsh.

HS Theatre Students Make Greek Masks 

Can you guess who is behind these masks?
Alice April's theatre arts students have been learning about the origins of Western theatre. In the style of Greek theatre, they made plaster masks and painted them. They used them in class in scenes Euripides' Medea.

 Book Buy-Back: Sell Back Your HS Textbooks

Students with high school textbooks may sell their books back to our online book store. It's time to get a quote from MBS Direct. Here's how to do it:
  • Go online to start your Book Buy Back Quote!
  • Bring your books to the Island School Logo Store between June 8 - June 12, from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. or 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks processing time to receive your refund check, issued directly from MBS Direct 
Please email Alice at if you have any questions.

What's Up in Middle School - Week of May 25th

 Congratulations Middle School Drama

"Jungle Book" is over, but remains a lovely memory of a job well done. Nice crowds attended all three performances of this year's middle school play, directed by Alice April. Here are a few photos. The entire album is on our Shutterfly site: The password is islandschool.


7th Grade Girls PE To Run to Jamba Juice!

The 7th grade girls ran to Jamba Juice during Homeroom and P.E.yesterday. Wednesday May 27.

7th grade girls earned their Jamba Juice!

6th Graders at Hanchett Ranch

These just in from today's 6th grade field trip!

Elementary Highlights: Week of May 25th

 Kindergartners at Camp Naue

The group arrived safely today for their overnight camping trip.

 Elementary Spelling Bee Results

Students in grades 2-5 squared off this afternoon in over 11 rounds at the Spelling Bee. It all came down to three championship rounds between Aria Cuthbertson (2nd) and Zach Ing (3rd).
The championship words were citizen, Tuesday, excellent, favorite, furious, hurricane, icing and listener.  Aria and Zach both won equally, due to a technicality. The two gracious winners shared movie tickets.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and conducted themselves as a superior audience… at times on the edge of their seats! 
Many thanks to Elizabeth Scamahorn, Myra Van Ornum Deyden and Judy Byce for organizing and leading the Bee.

Heads Up: Next year's Spelling Bee will include days of the week, months of year, America, United States, Island School, and Pacific Ocean. 

Competitors included:
Selah Snowden

Aria Cuthbertson 

Kaedyn Santiago


Zachary Ing

Kai Spindt

Marina Jovanovic

Kilinoe Oliveira
Julia Barzilai
Kyle Rapozo

Tane Macko

Ema-Lani Ebesu

Ryden Williams


 3rd/Kinder Enjoy Trip to Kamalani Bridge Tuesday
Third Graders with their Kindergarten Buddies Tuesday at Kamalani Bridge.


Talent Show Wednesday

Right after Morning Circle! We have a great line-up. Come watch.

Spelling Bee at 1:00

Students in grades 2-5 will show their spelling skills in the Main Hall!

ERB Testing This and Next Week for Gr. 3-5

Elementary students in grades 3-5 are taking the Educational Records Bureau Standardized Test this week and next during the hours before lunch. Everyone is helping by keeping the noise level down in their areas.

 Water Safety in Hawaiian Studies

Elementary students had some fun in the water this week in Hawaiian Studies. Kapena Steve gave them a lesson in water safety, then they were put to the canoe test. Could they keep their canoe upright? It takes concentration and determination. Only a few were able to do it.

Dallas and Ryden - on the count of three, they're on their own!

Ema-Lani and Alana tip over!

Cody and Tane were the only 5th graders who could stay afloat. Even whle

Do Drop Inn Campers Had Fun Last Weekend

Mr. Dean's annual Do Drop Inn camp-out was lots of fun. Over 30 people spent the night on campus in tents. On Saturday they had a water day, with shaving cream fights and water slides.

Siena Agudong Co-Stars on Nickelodeon SitCom

Fifth grader, Siena Agudong has been cast in a recurring co-star role on one of Nickelodeon's new TV shows, "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn." She will be in the first episode of the second season this coming Saturday, May 23rd. Check your television listings for the channel and time. Siena plays the part of Natlee.

Voyager Athletics: Week of May 25th

Island School Tennis Athletes Make KIF All-Stars

Congratulations to our Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation 2014-2015 Tennis All-Stars:

Singles  - Girls
  • Michaela Fitzgerald '16
  • Mia Fitzgerald '18

Singles - Boys
  • Davis Huffman '15

 Voyagers Track & Field Finish Most Successful Season Ever

The track and field team had in some ways its most successful season ever. The girls team took second in the KIF championships for the second year in a row. This is quite an accomplishment given the girls only have 12 members on the team and compete against much larger high schools. The credit goes to both the girls and the outstanding coaching from Eric Wortmann, Milo Spindt, Corey Dobashi and Kennedy Knapp. For the first time in Island School history, the girls team had participants in every event. 
The following were individual league champions:
Allison Culliney '15, long jump and triple jump;
Michael Miller '15, 1500 and 3000 meters;
Carolyn Price '17, 3000 meters.
We had many other athletes place from 2 to 6 in virtually every event. 
We had a total of 11 athletes qualify for the State meet:
Moeko Fukada '15, triple jump;
Allsion Culliney '15 triple jump;
Lola Temme '18, Brianna Binder '18, Jade Murphy '16, Gianna D'Annibale, '16, Summer Suttell '18, and Makenna Olson '16, for the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays;
Carolyn Price '17, 3000 meters
Josh Miller '16, 800 meters 
Michael Miller '15, 3000 meters. 
Michael Miller won his preliminary heat and placed 5th in the finals of the 3000 meter run, the first Voyager to medal at the state meet in 4 years.
Finally, Both Michael Miller and Moeko Fukada are slated to compete next year at the collegiate level, Michael as a runner and Moeko as a jumper. They represent the 6th and 7th Voyagers in the last 5 years to go on to compete in Cross Country, Track and Field at the collegiate level.

On the winners' platform

Michael Miller with Coach Wortmann

Classified Ads/Community News: week of May 25th

Summer Science Camp


Summer  Math Classes for Grades 6-11

Register Now for Halau Hula O‘Leilani

Public Library Summer Reading Program

Kaua‘i Miss Pageants


Wanted: Office Assistant

Competent, organized, detail oriented, good at math. 1-5 hours per week on the North Shore. Must be 18 yrs +. Seniors welcome to apply. Call Mariana at 808-639-0963.

Jobs for I.S. High School Student

Island School students are wanted for facility maintenance at Island School. Applications are now being accepted for three openings. Students currently in grades 10-12 may apply. Contact Mike Goto at

Car For Sale

2008 Nissan Sentra
Excellent condition, 86,700 mainland highway miles. In Hawaii less than 1 year. Awesome gas mileage!
White exterior with grey interior, good tires, had extended warranty with all regular maintenance. Cold A/C.
$6500 firm.
Call 808-212-3232

Kaua‘i Concert Association Presents …

(Featuring I.S. parent, Dr. Timothy Lee)

KUGA Festival

Local Creative Vendors, Fashion Show by Maile Taylor Models, Aerial Silk Dance by Cocoon Aerial Dance, Hip-Hop Arena Featuring the 3x3 battle and final MONARCHY 1x1 INVITATIONAL B-BOY BATTLE, Special guests dropping beatrs Kauai's own DJ Jus Jay and Style Elements Crew DJ One Man Jazz. Also guest judges and Hawaii's top bboys!

FOOD TRUCKS: Yamato's Ice Cream & Japanese Street Food, KickShaws, JC's Puerto Rican Kitchen, Rainbeau Jo's, The Fresh Shave & Acai Tambor Bowls. 

LIVE ARTIST SETH WOMBLE! He will be doing a 4x16 landscaped live mural with the theme of "Enjoy the Journey" He will also be selling his artwork and hand painted Ukuleles. Check out his creations at


Ukulele Contest