Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Day - Friday, May 8th

May Day is organized by Rose Alfiler and Kumu Sabra Kauka

The program features dancers from all grades.
Our May Day program is the last of the three all-school events of the school year. All students in grades PK-8, our seniors, and Na Pua O Ka Maile, the Island School Halau, will sing and perform dances that celebrate our Hawaiian culture. Other high school students are participating in various ways.

Parents have been notified by homeroom teachers if they need to provide special costumes, flowers, foliage, etc. Please contact them if you have any questions.

This event to the public and free of charge. Bring your friends, relatives and neighbors. All students are expected to attend.

This year's theme is “Ho`okele Pololei,” which means to voyage ahead, to navigate well and to persevere. 

The show begins in the Wilcox Gymnasium at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, May 8, and lasts until approximately 11:00 a.m. A lu‘au lunch follows - tomorrow is the last day to purchase lu‘au tickets.  See this page for details: Lu‘au Tickets

Do Drop Inn After May Day

A special session of Do Drop Inn will be offered after our May Day celebration on May 8th. All students attending are asked to meet Mr. Dean at their usual spot, the bench near the keiki bathroom with a home lunch or lu‘au ticket. They will then all go through the lu‘au line then find a spot to eat  lunch. After lunch, it's play time till 5:15pm.

Contact Mr. Dean for more information -

May Day Bus Departs at 12:00 Noon

Bus riders - you should have received notice that after our May Day celebration, Friday, May 8th, the busses will depart Island School at 12:00 noon. Please adjust your pick-up times accordingly. There will be no late bus on that day.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Goto -

Keiki Art On Display in Main Hall & Admin Building

While you're at school on May Day, stop by the Administration Office to see kindergarten art on display and the the Main Hall where the 1sts & 2nd graders' beautiful flowers brighten up the walls. Their paintings were inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's works.

Rowen Bennett & Shiloh Costa pose in front of their classroom artwork.
Georgia O'Keeffe's Hibiscus with Plumeria

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sign Up Now For Island School Summer School

Order Your May Day Video

Buddy and Dorrian Lizama of Hawaiian Creative Video will be filming Fridayʻs May Day program. To order your May Day DVD, download and fill our the form below and bring it into the Front Office with your payment. Checks should be payble to Hawaiian Creative Video.

Forms may also be picked up in the Front Office.

Order Your ISAA T-Shirt Now

Pre-orders are being taken for the newly designed Island School Alumni Association T-shirt. This design was donated by Island School grad, Justin Pelton ʻ07. ANYONE is invited to order one of these beautiful shirts. They are 50/50 cotton/Poly (cooler in summer), and a dark gray color. They conform with the Island School dress code.

Hereʻs how to order:
  • Email Peggy ( by Friday, May 8
  • List how many youʻd like and the sizes:
     YS  YM   YL  
Look for an ISAA member on the gym lanai before and after May Day to take your order.

 Shirts will be ready for pick-up by the end of May.

6th Graders Make Ti Leaf Skirts

Sixth graders worked hard this week on their ti leaf skirts. It's all part of our celebration of May Day!

Hawaiian Studies Students Learn About Polynesian Navigation

Captain Steve taught the keiki this week about ancient Hawaiian navigation techniques.

1st graders learn the different jobs sailors do on a Polynesian sailing vessel.

Students rotate the Hawaiian star compass in the correct orientation to the rising & setting sun.

Please Support the Final Staff Appreciation Event of 2014-2015

From Your Parent Association:

We are hosting our 3rd and final Staff Appreciation Event of the year. Our luncheon, "Around The World" is set for Tuesday, May 12. We are humbly asking support from each class to make this event a success.

We plan to serve a variety of authentic ethnic foods from around the world. So dust off your world cookbooks, find some family favorites, and get creative! Homemade dishes are preferred.

Each class:
1 entree serving 10
1 salad serving 10
1 dessert serving 10

*Please let your Room Parent know by Friday, May 8th what you will be contributing.
* All dishes to be dropped off to Tuesday, May 12 at Frear Center between 7:45-10am.
* All dishes to be labeled with name and grade. Pick up in Teacher Workroom after school.

Mahalo for your support!!
IS Parent Association

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get Involved in the 2015-2016 Parent Association

Opportunities To Get Involved At Island School!
If you've been hoping to get more involved, be more helpful, and make a difference at Island School, the following positions are open for the 2015-2016 school year:

Parent Association  - President (conducts monthly Parent Association meetings, oversees committees for PA sponsored events)
Parent Association - Secretary (takes and distributes monthly meeting notes)
Chorus -  Room Parent (oversees Chorus event volunteers and preparations)
Most Grade Levels -  Room Parent (assists teachers with organizing grade level events)

Anyone wishing to offer their time and energy is encouraged to contact Sam Suttell at (808) 213-5040 or for more information. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sophomore Class Selling Krispy Kremes at Walmart Saturday

Stop by Walmart this Saturday. The sophomore class will be out in front selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts from 8am-2pm to raise money for their class fund.

Bring in your Foliage for May Day

The May Day Committee is asking for donations of tropical flowers and foliage to decorate the Wilcox Gym for our May Day celebration. Donations of lau'ae fern, ginger, bird-of-paradise, monstera, haleconia, ti (all colors), etc. need to be dropped off at the gym lanai by Thursday morning, May 7.

Elementary Track Winners Receive Awards

Ms. Emily  presented students with ribbons and medals for their achievements at the Mayorʻs Track Meet last month. This was done during Morning Circle this week.

At right are: Emily Thomas, PE teacher: Marina Jovonovic (1st place 100M, 2nd place 50M), Misa Mycynek (6th place, 50M), Cody Manibog (1st place 400M, 5th place 200M, Josh Dobashi (1st place standing broad jump), Dwight Apao (1st place 200M & 100M, 50M).

Middle school winners will receive their awards at a later date.

Sports Banquet - May 27th

All athletes who have participated in a KIF sport this year, and their parents, are invited to this yearʻs Sports Banquet on Wednesday, May 27, in the Wilcox gym.  Dinner to be served at 5:00. Invitations will be sent out next week. Save the Date!

Chemistry Students Perform Experiments

Chemistry students are performing and analyzing ecothermic and endothermic chemical reactions.
Michael Chung & Makoa Pratt work together in an experiment.

Maureen Valdez & Pualei Pratt experiment with chemical reactions.

Picture: Maureen and Pua, Michael and Makoa

Learning About Genetics

Marine Science students extracted DNA from sea urchin tube feet and are currently performing PCR reactions to amplify several loci. Eventually they will compare these to genes available on GenBank and build phylogenetic trees to see how different populations, or different species are related to each other.

Pictured at left:
L-R: Emma Schneck ʻ16, Ari Wilson ʻ16, Jericha Major ʻ16, Allison Culliney ʻ15, Tai Mitchell ʻ17, Jaden Hamid ʻ17

7th Graders Study the Diversity of Life

Mrs. Sullivan's 7th grade life science students have been learning about the diversity of life. They were assigned a specific group of organisms to explore, such as: protists, sponges, cnidarians, worms, echinoderms, mollusks, arthropods, insects, or fungi. Each partnership had to answer specific questions about their organisms and then teach the class about their creatures. They also had to design an activity to reinforce the concepts they were presenting and give their classmates a quiz on the material.

The theme of the unit was GREATNESS! The students agreed that they wanted to be wowed by the presentations and activities. They were not disappointed.

June Hsu tries to move without joints.
The arthropod group taped the jointed appendages from their volunteers volunteers and challenged them to eat a piece of candy. Not that easy without jointed appendages!

Levi Snowden eating a cricket

The insect group had the class eating crickets.

Emily Binderʻs jellyfish in a bottle
The cnidarian group had students building the polyps out of marshmallows, frosting, and sour twizzlers. These students demonstrated the other part of the cnidarian life cycle by demonstrating how to build the medusa in a water bottle.

The protist group organized a Jeopardy-style game to help students remember their information.

Kingdom fungi students demonstrated how spores are released from a fruiting body by popping a balloon full of spores. They also visited the mushroom farm in Lawai, raised mushrooms, and brought a chef in to cook (thank you, Michael McSweeney)!

The mollusk students taught the parts of a squid by leading
a dissection! They used the document camera to demonstrate and then the circulated around the room to make sure each student found the parts on their own squid!

These students learned so much science, but they also practiced reading technical writing for essential ideas, presentation skills, using teamwork to make it all happen.

Conor Hunt and Makali‘i Oliveira use a document camera to show the class their dissection.

I.S. Students Win at Lei Contest

Kahana Heen, Mia Javalana, Ka‘ohu Ranis
Kahana Heen ʻ21, Ka'ohu Ranis ʻ20, and first grader Mia Javelana entered the Kaua'i Museum Lei making contest this past Saturday. Kahana made a haku style; Kao'hu made a wili style; Mia made a kui style.

Kahana and Ka'ohu tied for First/Second in the Middle School division. Mia took first in the K-2 grade division.

Ka‘ohuʻs lei was auctioned off to benefit the Kaua‘i Museum. Kahana gave her lei to Paula Fuga, who wore it on her head during her concert tat evening.

Chorus Auditions for 2015-2016

Week of May 4: Mahalo to ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥   the parents who helped the 6th graders with their hula skirts during PE time all last week. 

♥ ♥ ♥   Del & Mary Alexander, Jeanne Ha'apala & Nancy Walsh and Joan Maas for donations to the Chorus, and Sam & Bill Suttell for gifts in kind in support of the spring choral concert!

♥ ♥ ♥   Tanya & Chris Gamby, the Hale Uluwehi Charitable Fund, Wade & Kim Lord, and Jim Mayfield for contributions to the Annual Giving Campaign!

♥ ♥ ♥   Hamura Saimin for a gift to Auction Tuition Aid.

♥ ♥ ♥   The Golden Arches Merchants Association of Hawai‘i and Charmaine Simao for donations to the FIRST Robotics Program.

♥ ♥ ♥   Daniel Bicciche for donating trash cans to replace our old ones on campus.