Friday, May 1, 2015

PK Celebrate May Day With a Lu‘au

The keiki enjoyed kalua pork, poi, rice, rice pudding and pineapple!

Entertainment was provided by 4th grader, Kilinoe Oliveira.

The class also made lei and made placemats with plant rubbings.

Summer Science Program at UH for HS Students

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Slight Menu Change Tuesday, May 5th

Instead of teriyaki chicken wings, next Tuesday, Mr. Dean is preparing a new chicken recipe: breaded, wok-fried chicken wings. He's seasoning the bread crumbs with herbs. Should be delicious!

Tomorrow is Last Day to Purchase Lu‘au Tickets

7th Grade Boys Have PE at YMCA Pool

Seventh grade boys ran from campus to the YMCA pool during their PE class this week. There they had a great time swimming and having relay races.

6th Graders Experiment with Kinetic Energy

Students have been learning how to calculate Gravitational Potential Energy and experimenting to see how much kinetic energy a car could generate moving down a ramp. By altering the height and mass of their cars, they were able to reach specific distances that were assigned by their teacher, Mr. Corbo.

Later this week, students will be asked to make their cars achieve a random assigned distance. By adjusting the car's Gravitational Potential Energy, by changing its height or mass, students will be able to achieve these assigned distances. A competition among lab groups will take place to see which group can come closest to their assigned distance using the data they collected.
Sixth grade science class were busy with experiments.
Colby Barth sees if his car can go theistance.
Katherine Polzin, Alex Galiza-Riola and Nahe Edwards measure the height of their ramp.

PA Meeting Tuesday, May 5th

There will be an Island School Parent Association meeting next Tuesday, May 5th at 1:00pm in the teachers’ lounge. The focus will be on finalizing details for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Be sure to attend!

Applications Being Accepted for Summer Leadership Summit for Native Youth in Food & Agriculture

Applications are OPEN for the second annual Summer Leadership Summit for Native Youth in Food & Agriculture at the University of Arkansas School of Law! They are looking for student applications from American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian youth between the ages of 13 and 18 who are passionate about food and agricultural production and have the courage to lead their Tribes and communities into the future. Please see the links below for the appropriate application form!

Spaces are limited, so PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
July 19 – July 28, 2015 (this includes travel dates)
University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative, University of Arkansas School of Law
Farm Credit
Intertribal Agriculture Council
National FFA Organization
First Nations Development Institute
Cost to attend
All food, lodging, instructional materials, and field trip costs will be provided. Depending on the number of students, some travel scholarships will also be provided. However, we need applications as soon as possible to plan for travel needs.

Application Information

The deadline for all applicants is June 1st, 2015.
1st time attendees: Complete the Student Application (download PDF)
2nd time attendees: Complete the Summit Fellow Application (download PDF)
College-aged: Complete the Student Leader Application (download PDF)
Click the links above for PDF copies of the applications. Need an email or print copy? No problem! Contact Rebecca at
The Summit 2015 staff can’t wait to read your applications! See you this summer!

Eye on Art - Student Art Exhibit - May 15-19

The second annual collaboration of art, poetry and performing arts - Eye on Art - will take place at the Kaua‘i Society of Artists Gallery in Kukui Grove Center. Last yearʻs show, Totally Busted, featured clay sculptures, and other works of high school and middle school artists in a public exhibit. This yearʻs show will open on Friday, May 15, from 5-7pm, with performances by our own middle and high school students.

Help is needed from student and adult volunteers.

Please look over the list below and contact Penny Nichols if you are available. ( High school students can earn community service hours for volunteering. Others receive our undying appreciation!

Painting pedestals (two people):

  • Wednesday, May 13th ……… 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Hanging Art (one or two people):

  • Thursday, May 14th …… 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Show sitting (two or three people in a group - no experience necessary):

  • Saturday, May 16th ……… 11am to 2pm
  • Saturday, May 16th . ……… 2pm to 5pm
  • Sunday, May 17th . ……… 11pm to 2pm
  • Sunday, May 17th ……… 2pm to 5pm
  • Monday, May 18th ……… 3:30pm to 6pm
  • Tuesday, May 19th ……… 3:30pm to 6pm

Cleanup  (one or two people)

  • Wednesday, May 20th …… 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

AP Exams Next Week

Next week, students all over the country will take AP exams. These are nationally administered exams that are given for specific subjects on the same day and time (time-zone relative). Students may receive college credit and/or college placement for taking the exam depending on how well they perform and what their colleges allow.

Eleven Island School juniors and seniors will be among the top 7% of math students in the nation taking the AP Calculus exam on Tuesday, May 5, at KCC from 8:00-12:30. Four (*) of these students will be taking the Calculus II exam, which places them in the top 1% of math students nationally. 

Those taking the AP Calculus Exam are:
Allison Culliney ʻ15
Michaela Fitzgerald ʻ16
Moeko Fukada* ʻ15
David Harris ʻ15
Davis Huffman* ʻ15
Ashley Larkin ʻ15
Josh Miller* ʻ16
Madison Moore ʻ15
Deanna Sloger ʻ15
Whitney Summerhays* ʻ15
Autumn Warnock ʻ15

Twelve students will take the AP Literature and Composition Exam on Wednesday, May 6th from 8:00-12:30 at KCC. The AP Literature and Composition Exam assesses a student's ability to read and write critically. The first hour of the three hour assessment consists of fifty-five multiple choice reading comprehension questions. During the final two hours, the students compose three essays. The first essay requires students to analyze how a poet employs literary techniques to develop a complex meaning on a specific topic in the provided poem, the second asks students to analyze how an author reveals a character or theme in the provided novel excerpt, and the last challenges students to discuss a literary concept, insight, or technique using one of the novels or plays they have studied previously.

Those taking the AP Literature & Composition Exam are:
Leila Breen ʻ16
Michaela Fitzgerald ʻ16
David Harris ʻ15
Lily Hsu ʻ16
Lauren Oelke ʻ16
Jericha Major ʻ16
Ziko Quintana ʻ16
Emma Schneckʻ16
Ashley Silvestre ʻ16
Autumn Warnock ʻ15
Zeb Wichert ʻ16
Daniel Wu ʻ16

If you wish to learn more about AP Exams, go to:

The following website contains links to sample questions, student responses, grader responses, and rubrics:

Exciting Changes in 2015-2016 Choral Program

The Music Department is excited to announce a change to the choral program for 2015-2016 school year that will provide high school students with the opportunity to sing in two different ensembles. 

Enrollment in the first ensemble, the Island School Kahikina Chorus, requires instructor consent but not auditions. This ensemble is considered a general chorus and is open to all interested high school students. 

Membership in the Island School Alaka'i Chorus, the second ensemble, requires an audition and is limited to 16-24 students. Designed for dedicated and earnest student musicians who desire to develop their appreciation and understanding of music through rehearsal and performance, this second ensemble replaces the Island School Singers of previous years. 

Both Island School Kahikina Chorus and Island School Alaka'i Chorus require a yearlong commitment. Either will fulfill the music requirement for graduation. Interested students may join both ensembles if their schedules permit. Contact Mr. Steinbacher at for additional information.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Na Pua Keiki Use ‘Olena Dye

Ms. Keana showed the keiki how to use natural dye from the ‘olena plant. The students dyed their May Day costumes a rich yellow. Below are photos of the children dipping their fabric in the dye and stirring it.

‘Olena makes a bright yellow dye!

Learning Fractions the Fun Way

Ms. Natasha's math students enjoyed a pancake breakfast this morning as part of their math lesson. It was a delicious way to study and use fractions!

Tanner Hubbard measures ingredients.

Zach Ing & Savannah Hubbard measure baking powder.
Bradley Pratt flips a pancake!

Na Pua O Ka Maile in TGI

Na Pua O Ka Maile featured in todayʻs Garden Island.

Read our earlier post for more details:

Monday, April 27, 2015

May Day Auction - May 8th

Sign up Now for Island School Summer Programs


A Celebration in Honor of Bob's Retirement

Hope you can join us! Please RSVP by May 20th.

Middle & HS Students - Food Drive This Week

The high school Interact Club is holding a middle and high school Food Drive this week.This will be a competition for the high school and purely donation for the middle school. 
Donations from the middle school should be brought to the labeled bin in the Front Office.

For the high school, there will be a competition among classes. High school donations should be brought to one of four bins that will be placed in the Student Activities Office - each class will have a separate bin. By the end of the week, the class that has donated the most will receive pizza and other celebratory items at their next class meeting. 

The food items most needed on Kaua'i are: pasta, soups, tuna, hapa/brown rice, canned fruits & vegetables and peanut butter.

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Hopkins, Interact President.

1st Grade Dragon Paintings on Exhibit in the LRC.

Inspired by Chinese New Year, Ms. Deatriʻs 1st grade art students made dragon paintings. Their pieces began with a line drawing using oil pastels. Then they added watercolor and glitter paint. They learned about composition and the use of space & color in art. The finished paintings are on display in the LRC through the end of the year, when they will be taken home.

Mayorʻs Youth Track Meet Results

Middle School Division

Softball Throw - Girls
  • Hayley-Jay Kaeo - 3rd place, gr. 6-7
  • Callie Yavinsky - 6th place, gr. 6-7
  • Honey Chandler - 1st place, gr. 8
  • Louisa Tanigawa - 3rd place, gr. 8
Softball Throw - Boys
  • Levi Snowden - 1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Ethan Inanod - 2nd place, gr. 6-7
  • Keola Takayama - 4th place, gr. 6-7
 Standing Broad Jump - Girls
  • Sienna Martin-Oldfield -1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Wailea Edwards - 4th place, gr. 6-7
  • Makena Jaeb - 5th place, gr. 6-7
  • Honey Chandler - 1st place, gr. 8
  • Louisa Tanigawa - 3rd place, gr. 8 
 Standing Broad Jump -Boys
  • Dylan Jaeb - 1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Kainoa Merano - 2nd place, gr. 6-7
 400M Relay - Girls
  • Waileia Edwards- 2nd place, gr. 6-7
  • Jaden DeSouza - 4th place, gr. 6-7
  • Nahe Edwards - 6th place, gr. 6-7
 400M Relay - Boys
  • Keola Takayama - 4th place, gr. 6-7
  • Kainoa Merano - 5th place, gr. 6-7
50M - Girls
  • Makena Jaeb - 6th place, gr. 6-7
  • Louisa Tanigawa - 1st place, gr. 8
100M - Girls
  • Waileia Edwards - 1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Sienna Martin-Oldfield - 5th place, gr. 6-7
100M - Boys
  • Levi Snowden - 6th place, gr. 6-7
800M - Girls
  • Jaden DeSouza - 1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Nahe Edwards - 3rd place, gr. 6-7
200M - Girls
  • Waileia Edwards, 1st place, gr. 6-7
  • Makena Jaeb, 2nd place, gr. 6-7
  • Honey Chandler, 1st place, gr. 8
 200M - Boys
  • Levi Snowden, 2nd place, gr. 6-7
  • Dylan Jaeb, 4th place, gr. 6-7
Overall Outstanding Girls
  • Waileia Edwards, gr. 6-7
  • Honey Chandler, gr. 8
Island School placed 2nd overall! Way to go, Voyagers!

Elementary Division

Standing Broad Jump - Boys
  • Joshua Dobashi - 1st place, gr. 4-5
200M - Boys
  • Dwight Apao - 1st place, gr. 4-5
  • Cody Manibog - 5th place, gr. 4-5
 50M - Girls
  • Marina Joanovic - 2nd place, gr. 2-3
  • Misa Mycynek - 6th place, gr. 2-3
50M - Boys
  • Dwight Apao - 1st place, gr. 4-5
100M - Girls
  • Marina Jovanovic -1st place, gr. 3-4
 100M - Boys
  • Dwight Apao - 1st place, gr. 4-5
 400M - Boys
  • Cody Manibog - 1st place, gr. 4-5

Three Voyagers Will Compete at State Tennis

Congratulations to our KIF tennis champions:
  • Davis Huffman ʻ15, first place boys singles
  • Michaela Fitzgerald ʻ16, first place girls singles
  • Mia Fitzgerald ʻ18, second place girls singles
These students will proudly represent the Voyagers and the KIF at the state finals on O‘ahu.

Tune In to Hiki Nō - Thursday at 7:30 pm, PBS

Island School is hosting this weekʻs Hiki Nō show this Thursday, April 30, on PBS at 7:30 p.m. Viewers will go on a tour of Kaua‘i & Ni‘ihauʻs six mokus, or districts. Student reporters and film crews traveled to all of the mokus except Ni‘ihau during class and on weekends and took videos. On-camera reporters talked about the highlights of each moku in seven 30-second segments.

Student reporters also introduced the stories featured from other middle and high schools across the state.

Makenna Olson ʻ16,  is our on-camera reporter in this segment.
Many thanks to Renate Seldon, Hiki Nō mentor for Kaua‘i, and instructor, Nathaniel Evslin, for their expertise and support.