Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hānai a Family for the Holidays

Middle and High School students are "adopting" or "hānai-ing" families from Kaua‘i who could use some help to make their holidays a bit brighter. Families are suggested by Child and Family Services and are being hānai-ed by grade level. Below are descriptions of each family.

Island School 2015 “Hānai a Family” Holiday Giving

Family 1: Senior Class
Mother and daughter (17) high school senior
Could use new clothes and possibly bedding; movie passes would be great, too. Very sweet family but Mother is disabled, daughter helps to take care of mother, while also trying to graduate. Perhaps some beauty treatment, soaps lotions, etc. 

Family 2: Junior Class
Single mother, college student (18) girl; high school boy (16);
Could use food basket, clothes, household items (bedding- sheets/towels/ pillow cases), slippers 

Family 3: Sophomore Class
1 boy sophomore age 15, no permanent family (lives with Aunty) 
Could use clothes, food basket, gift cards for Walmart  or Kmart gift cards for basic hygiene and things. 

Family 4: Seventh Grade Class
1 Grandmother; 1 father- 1 girl high school (16); 1 boy middle school (14); 3 girls 7, 8, 9 
Single parent family.  Father is disabled.  Could use gift cards for clothes and food.  Son enjoys sports and the beach. Grandmother who is a support to father recently had surgery and very ill so unable to help anymore.  

Family 5: Sixth Grade Class
‘Ohana caregiver family. Grandmother raising granddaughter (5), could use gift cards for clothes and food anything would help. Having hard time monthly on small fixed income.

Family 6:  Freshmen Class
‘Ohana caregiver family. Grandmother raising granddaughter (16).  Grandmother is disabled.  Would appreciate gift cards for clothes and food but especially for granddaughter who is in high school.

Family 7: Eighth Grade Class
‘Ohana caregiver family. Grandmother raising grandson (13). Grandmother would appreciate anything especially for her grandson: gift card for food, and new shoes to play sports.

Family 8: Sixth Grade Class
‘Ohana caregiver family. Great grandma with 13 y/o great granddaughter and 12 y/o great grandson. They would really appreciate food basket or gift cards for food and clothing. They make do on very little so anything is greatly appreciated, and never wasted. 

Family 9: Eighth Grade Class
Aunty as a single parent is raising 2 nephews, ages 10 and 6 and has 2 of her own children ages 8 ( boy) and  age 3 (girl).  As a working single parent it would be nice for them to go to the movies and have a dinner at a local restaurant.  The children are active thus some balls and/or games would be appreciated.

Family 10: Seventh Grade Class
Grandmother is raising 4 grandnephews and a grandniece.  Their ages are 10, 2 – 9 year olds, a 7 year old and a 6 year old niece.  Grandaunt has been having health issues.  They would very much appreciate going to the movies and having a meal where she wouldn’t have to cook.  They could also use a gift card to Wal-Mart to pick up household supplies.