Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Biology Students Experiment With Light

The biology and honors biology classes have been conducting a lab to see if they can affect the rate of photosynthesis by changing various environmental conditions. They have altered the wavelength of light hitting the plant, they have manipulated the carbon dioxide concentration in the solution the plants are exposed to, they have changed the distance the plants are from the light source, and they have adjusted the temperature the leaf is exposed to while going through photosynthesis. These students have learned about the light and the dark reaction, but now they are applying what they know.  Biology is so awesome!
Aidan Offley '19, Ben Griep '19, Lily Briones Flynn '19, Mahie Beck '19

Olivia Gegen '19, Sophia Sherrer '19


Kilikai Ahuna '17, Aspen Wolfgang '19, Nico Maione '19, Kamalei Baptiste'19


Kaitlyn Downer '18, Andrew King '19