Thursday, November 5, 2015

MS & HS Art Students Create Exceptional Pieces

Middle and high school students recently completed two different art projects: a high school printmaking workshop and a middle school pastel drawing assignment.  

The high school students created three-color reduction prints, working from light to dark, using block printing tools and inks. Lining up the three layers of color required a lot of care and precision.

Mddle school students had fresh tropical flowers to observe, but were attempting to add their own distortions, exaggerations, and stylistic touches to make their artwork communicate "more than the eye can see."

Here are a few of the exceptional pieces:

Alae Miike '19 - block print

Amber Asuncion '21 - pastel drawing

Jordan Fleming '20 - pastel drawing

Kyle Liebow '18 - block print

Matthew Vickers '20 - pastel drawing

Patrick McKenna '20 - pasel drawing

Aijia Sclafani '17 - block print

Arianna Plascencia '16 - block print