Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Beginnings Winners Announced

Thirty-four pieces of art were entered into the New Beginnings competition. The categories were K-2, 3-5, and photography.
Winners K-2
  • 1st Place
                                  Sadie Stiglmeier  -Gr. 1:  "Chicks"
  • Honorable Mentions 
                                 Mohalapua Silverston -Gr.1: "Hibiscus"
                                   Brianna Jovanovic -Gr. 2: "Animal Garden"
Winners 3-5
  • 1st Place
                                 Luisa Junqueira -Gr. 3 -  "The Dream Flower"
  • Honorable Mentions                          
                                 Ke`alohi Molina- Gr. 3 - "The Nest"
                                   Misa Mycynek -Gr. 3- "The Cherry Blossom"
                                   Selah Snowden -Gr. 3- "Little Blossom Opening to the World"
                                   Zachary Ing - Gr. 3-"Meadow of Peace"
                                   Marina Jovanovic -Gr. 4- "Happy Life"
Winner Photography
  • 1st Place
                                       Max Evslin- Gr. 2: "Morning Sun"