Wednesday, October 28, 2015

KIUC Calendar Winners Announced

Congratulations to the Island School students who won awards in the KIUC Calendar of Student Art contest! Their artwork will be featured in the 2016 calendar and they will be honored at an awards ceremony in December.

These students won "month awards," competing with hundreds of Kaua‘i students at their grade levels. The winner for First Grade has their artwork featured on the month of January. Second Grade is February, Third Grade is March, etc. Each "month" winner receives a $100 prize.

Phoenix Ma …… First Grade …… January
Shea Olson …… Eighth Grade …… August
Maile Mijares …… Tenth Grade …… October
Alexandra Temme …… Eleventh Grade …… November

These students won honorable mention awards. Their artwork will also be featured in next year's calendar. Each Honorable Mention awardee receives a $50 prize.

Olivia Baker …… Kindergarten
Amber Asuncion …… Seventh Grade
June Hsu …… Eighth Grade
Maile Mijares …… Tenth Grade
Mattea Wortmann …… Eleventh Grade

Shea Olson - 8th grade - August

Maile Mijares - 10th grade - October

Alexandra Temme - 11th grade - November 

Phoenix Ma - 1st grade - January
Amber Asuncion - 7th grade - Honorable Mention

June Hsu - 8th grade - Honorable Mention

Maile Mijares - 10th grade -  Honorable Mention
Mailie's drawing is of teacher, Tuba Abassi,  who modeled for students in high school art class. Maile used something called a "bamboo sketch pen."  which is just a piece of chiseled bamboo -  similar to drawing with a quill pen - very primitive.

Mattea Wortmann - 12th grade - Honorable Mention

Olivia Baker - Kindergarten - Honorable Mention