Friday, October 30, 2015

Gift Box Received from Freestyle Photo

You may remember that, over Autumn Break, Mr. Dean's group of keiki made Freestyle Farm out of packing materials received from a company called Freestyle Photo Supply. The Farm was boxed up and sent to the company as a gift, with a note from the children. Freestyle Photo was so thrilled to receive the gift, they sent the children a box filled with goodies. Here's Mr. Dean describing what it was like when they opened the box:

"We opened the box on Tuesday and to our surprise it was filled with apple and camera shaped stress balls, stickers, refrigerator magnets, pins, coloring books, Halloween stamps, inkjet paper to make stickers, five rolls of color film, a paint can pinhole camera, two coffee cups and, of course, more packing peanuts. We each got an apple stress ball, magnets and stickers. We are sharing the coloring books and stamps with our Do Drop class. I'm drinking coffee out of those beautiful red mugs. This weekend I'm going to take some photos of our school with the pinhole camera and send some of them to Freestyle.
Yesterday I called our contact Christina to thank her and her team. She was so happy to hear that the kids loved all the goodies. She also said our farm – well their farm – is now on display in their retail store in Hollywood, CA along with the letter I wrote and the card the students made for them. How fun is that?"

Freestyle Farm - made from packing peanuts

Students received a gift box as a thank-you from Freestyle Photo Supply