Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Freestyle Farm" Built Over Break

"Freestyle Farm" Built Over Break

Something wonderful happened over break. Our ever-creative and young-at-heart Mr. Dean once again came up with a special project for his Fall Break gang. Here's the story …

For Art Day, Mr. Dean ordered supplies from a company called Freestyle Photographic Supplies. The materials arrived in a large cardboard box filled with peanut-shaped packing material. Inside, a green note explained that the peanuts were non-toxic, reusable, made of potato starch and 100% biodegradable.

That last piece of information set off Mr. Dean's creative lightbulb. Experimenting with the packing pieces, he found that, because they were made of starch, they became sticky with just a bit of water. They stuck to each other and to just about anything. A building project was born!

For three days, the Fall Fun Gang designed and built "Freestyle Farm." Peanut pieces were cut, squished and shaped into farm animals, cats, dogs, farmers and a farmyard and barn. These were stuck to a cardboard platform, sized to fit into the original Freeestyle cardboard box for, you guessed it, shipping back to the company as a gift!

Topping it all off, as a tribute to Freestyle Photographic Supplies, two figures are hidden, "Waldo-style," on the farm, using cameras and tripods!

We anxiously await a response from Freestyle Photographic Supplies. This gift will certainly make their day! It definitely made Autumn Break fun, creative and memorable! Thank you, Mr. Dean, for your creative inspiration!