Friday, September 4, 2015

Senior Privileges Announced

Each year, the senior class submits proposals for senior privileges to their class adviser, the head of school and the high school faculty. Their requests are reviewed and the approved list of privileges are outlined in a formal document.

As seniors, these students are several months away from reaching the age of their maturity, with concomitant freedoms and responsibilities. The purpose of Senior Privileges is to recognize this and to support seniors in their desire to assume more responsibility for their actions.

Below are the approved Senior Privileges for the Island School Class of 2016.

CONTINGENCIES: The granting of these privileges is contingent on students complying with school rules and expectations. As described in the Island School Handbook, these include the following:
  1. Grades - Privileges are available to students who maintain an overall “C” grade or higher at any given time - including no “D’s” or “F’s”.
  2. Attendance - Regular attendance is expected with no unexcused absences or tardies. This includes general and class meetings and teacher appointments. Along with assemblies and other required school events.  
  3. Dress - Should be within prescribed regulations.
  4. Conduct - Respect and responsiveness to requests are expected.
  5. Senior Project - Deadlines are to be met.
  6. Driving - Rules of the road are to be followed and parking should be only in the designated areas.
  7. Limitations - Privileges are for seniors only, not for underclassmen.

  1. Seniors do not have to be on campus during lunch/study halls. If a senior leaves campus, she/he must turn in a liability release form to their class adviser, signed by their parental guardian. Seniors must sign out upon leaving campus and sign in when returning at the front office.
  2. Seniors who choose to stay on campus during a study hall are required to be in their assigned study hall classroom or the Senior Lounge. Students must check in with their study hall teacher at the beginning of their study hall.
  3. Seniors are allowed to be out of uniform on Fridays, as long as they dress in clothing that adheres to guidelines in the Island School Handbook. 

OVERSIGHT AND REMOVAL OF PRIVILEGES: If found in violation of contingencies or privileges, students may lose their privileges for a period of time. If a senior does not meet one or more of the contingencies, her/his privileges will be revoked until all of the contingencies are met.