Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PA Survey Emailed

The Parent Association is currently seeking ideas for family bonding and parent support events.  A survey was emailed to all families on Monday.  Please let us know your suggestions and ideas!  If you did not receive the email, click here to complete the short questionnaire. http:// http://goo.gl/forms/FQMi9mUpec

If you'd like to contribute to the programs, events and volunteer efforts of the Parent Association, please consider making a donation  - go to http://diamondmindinc.com/island.html enter the amount you wish to contribute in the Parent Association box. 

Stay in touch, get events information, participate in the parent forum on our facebook page:
facebook lookup: Island School Parent Association - Kauai

Questions? Sam Suttell, President 808-213-5040 samsuttell@gmail.com

(Contributed by your Parent Association)