Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gift Wrap Sales Add $$$ to Classroom Funds

Figures are almost all in for the Gift Wrap sale. Monica King reports that it looks like sales have surpassed last  yearʻs. Participation was heavy in the elementary grades. A few middle and high school students also made significant contributions to sales.

Online sales have been popular and are still being calculated. As of this writing, online sales have accounted for about 38% of all sales.

A big MAHALO to Monica King and Heather Biedermann for putting in a huge effort toward making this PA sponsored fund raising event a success. Because of your leadership, it looks like we will be adding over $5000 to the classroom accounts this year. Specific figures will be announced when they become finalized.
Thanks also to all of the students who made the sales! Your hard work will benefit your entire class.