Sunday, September 6, 2015

7th Grade Life Science Students Learn Through Inquiry

7th grade Life Science involves exploration through inquiry. Topics have been scientific skills, the scientific method, and technology contrasted with science intertwined with Cornell Note-taking strategies and the SQR⁴ Reading strategy. These base concepts provide the foundation for science successes for the year. 

Students also have been discussing is the importance of collaboration and safety during labs and activities. On Tuesday August 31st, students worked in groups to complete a lab titled, Living, Non-living, or Dead? Students rotated through 10 stations collecting data and making observations on each specimen based on the characteristics of life. Students justified their answers: does it have cell, use energy, respond to stimuli, reproduce, grow develop or evolve etc? Students followed up the lab with further research, analyzing their results through use of technology and discussion. The lesson ended with even more questions.  

What’s next in Life Science? Taxonomy!

Amber Asuncion, Avalon O'Guin and Maile Fernandez make scientific observations.
Tiago Morgado, Kainoa Merano write their observations.