Friday, August 14, 2015

Thumbs Up on First Day for MS/HS

Middle and High School students navigated their new schedules on Thursday on the first official day of Trimester 1, 2015-2016. An assembly, organized by high school Student Government leaders, energized students with competitions between middle and high school volunteers. The assembly closed with the singing of the Island School Anthem.

Mr. Graves welcomed students and encouraged them to be involved. Enrollment is at an all-time high, with 112 in MS and 132 in HS. (numbers subject to change)

New teachers introduced themselves: (l-r) Mr. Archie, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Capati, Ms. Abasi, Mr. W, Ms. Denton, Ms. Lewis

Student Government leaders organized and emcee'd the assembly: (l-r) Carolyn Price '17, Tai Mitchell '17, Jade Murphy '16

Keola Takayama '21 and Andrew King '19 shake Tic Tacs® out of their containers, without using their hands.

Teams of MS and HS students tried to play catch with towels.

In this event, students had to blow up a balloon, sprint across the gym, pop the balloon, and race back!

Teams had to move their towel across a finish line while standing on it.