Thursday, August 20, 2015

Good Advice from "Empowering Parents"

Below are excerpts from a newsletter by Empowering Parents. It might be helpful as the school year gets underway:

Are your mornings chaotic and disorderly, despite your best efforts to keep a calm, orderly household?
It can be frustrating and defeating when a hectic morning leads to you being late ---- again. If you're constantly helping your child find his shoes, complete "forgotten" homework or get out of bed, remember this:

If you are doing more for your child than he is doing for himself, he will not learn to perform tasks on his own.

Tips for establishing structure and routine in your home:
  1. Many parents are surprised to learn that the most effective time to discuss the morning routine with your child is in the afternoon or evening ---- not in the morning! it helps to talk with your child when you're not in a stressful situation.
  2. For some kids, having a visual reminder of their morning responsibilities can be useful for keeping them on track. Using a behavior chart as an aide can also be incredibly helpful in reducing power struggles.
  3. One component of being an effective parent is presenting yourself as an authority.
Kids with diagnoses such as ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder might need more specialized approaches for creating a morning routine.

Check our their website for more, detailed information: resources for establishing routine and structure.