Thursday, June 4, 2015

Elementary Highlights: Week of June 1st

Keiki "Move Up" Today at Morning Circle
Keiki Chorus members are acknowledged at Morning Circle

It was a moving Morning Circle this morning. The Main Hall was filled with summer songs to welcome summer break. Philip Steinbacher and Rosie Alfiler presented the Keiki Chorus with certificates. Elementary Student Council members were recognized and received lei. Then … Sean Magoun announced it was time to "Move Up." Beginning with 5th grade, each class left the room with their next year's teacher for a short introduction.


Beach Blast-Off This Friday

The Last Day of School for elementary is a half-day and will be celebrated in our traditional way - at the beach! Parents have been sent details via email. Please read them carefully.

Students will be bused at 8:15 a.m. to Po‘ipu Beach Park where they will swim and enjoy Kaua‘i's beautiful South Shore. Lunch will be served (pepperoni & cheese pizza, orange slices, lemonade). Students should bring a towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, water and a snack.

All students should be picked up at Po‘ipu Beach Park (large pavilion) promptly at 12:30 p.m. They must check out with their teachers before leaving. Do drop Inn students will be transported back to school.


3rd Grade Drama Students Perform Skits

Bailey Ponce, Mili Fukada, Marina Jovanovic, Brooklyn Mackey
Aundrea Oxentine, Maddie Hubbard, Erica Obert, Emily Do

Michael Fitzgerald, Conner Tavares, Kai Spindt and Kaelen Suzuki-Kaohi
Students created their own stories around an object given to each group. They worked out their characters, setting and dialog, then performed their skits for students in grades 2 and 4 on Wednesday. This marked the end of their 3rd grade drama class.

One skit worked a frying pan into their story. They made an unusual omelet for their big sister.

Another had a stethoscope. Their story involved an accident victim.

A third used a clock that was accidentally broken to create their story.

An office telephone was central to a skit about a fire started at school.

The skits put together skills the students worked on during the trimester: collaboration & teamwork, voice projection and articulation and stage blocking.

Peggy looks forward to seeing them second trimester as 4th graders!







Kaili Kaui, Zach Ing, Mark Fitzgerald, Brooklyn Mackey (not pictured, Tristan Witte-Phelps, who was the fireman)











 Kindergartners at Camp Naue

The group had fun on their overnight camping trip last Thursday and Friday.


First Grade Dinosaur Festival Last Friday

Last Friday, the children spent the whole day doing dinosaur activities. In the morning, they had centers with coloring, blocks, fossil making, rubbings, dot-to-dots, drawing etc. They had their annual  Dinosaur Dig and enjoyed dinosaur toast for snack. In the afternoon they celebrated with the Dinosaur Festival. The room was turned into a jungle for the event. our party at 1:50 p.m.

Second Graders Hike Sleeping Giant


Summer Fun in the Sun with Mr Dean

Join Mr. Dean for two fun filled summer sessions featuring arts and crafts, summer reading, science experiments, cooking, photography, indoor and outdoor activities and water play days. Open to entering kindergartners through 5th Graders

Session One

June 22 – July 17

no class on July 3rd

12:00 noon – 4:30 pm

Island School Kindergarten Classroom

$400.00 for all four weeks $125.00 for one week $30.00 daily

Please bring lunch, afternoon snack and beverages

Session Two

July 20 – July 31

7:30am– 4:30pm

Island School Kindergarten Classroom

$350.00 for all two weeks $200.00 for one week $45.00 daily

Please bring morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and beverages

Visit the Island School front office for registration and payment.

If you have any questions Email me at