Thursday, June 4, 2015

What's Up in Middle School? - Week of June 1st

Head of School's List for Trimesters 1 & 2 Distributed

At the end of this year's Awards Assembly, students were invited to pick up a copy of the Head of School's lists, which lists the students who achieved a GPA of 3.75-4.0. This impressive group of students can be very proud of their academic accomplishments. The list for Trimester 3 will be compiled later.

Eighth Grade Art Students Visit Photography Exhibit

May 29th, Eighth Grade Art visited "Kauai 'Aina Art", an art exhibit at the Kauai Society of Artists Gallery at Kukui Grove.  They were greeted by Dan Finchum, the artist / photographer who created the work.  Finchum gave them a personal tour and answered their many questions.

Students wrote in their journals about their two favorite pieces. They wrote about the ways in which Finchum was influenced by the Hudson River School painters, as well as by contemporary "earth art" traditions.
Eighth Grade art students listen to artist photographer Daniel Finchum as he explains the process he follows to create his unusual art.

Bryant Wu, Akira Williams, Dominic LaFratta and Luke Sullivan take notes in their journals.

Aidan Dungan, Sasha Rovinsky, Andrew King and Brandon Nguyen look closely at the photographs in the exhibition,

Middle School Art Students Make Soft Sculptures

Sixth and Seventh Grade art students have been working in small groups, designing and building soft sculptures, inspired by the pop art of the mid-Twentieth Century. 

After deciding on a subject, students learned to make patterns, add seam allowances, and pin their seams together, so I could sew them on the machine. They stuffed their shapes with fiber fill and attached components with hot glue guns.  Two of the groups are now in the process of painting their sculptures with acrylic paints.

Colby Barth '21, takes a bite out of his group's ice cream cone.

7th graders, Makali'i Oliveira, Rachel Dressler, Conor Hunt, Ki'ilani Arruda and Ka'ohu Ranis
The first coats of paint dry on two soft sculptures.