Friday, May 22, 2015

High School Happenings - Week of May 23



Honors Biology Students Learn About Environmental Preferences

Ms. Mink's Honors Bio class finished up their year of labs with an investigation of the behavior and environmental preferences of pillbugs (roly-polies, wood lice, isopods). Photos show students
catching their experimental subjects and then observing what they do in boxes that offer a choice of surroundings - wet or dry, light or dark, sheltered or exposed.


Some Pics From Prom


 Student Government Election Results Are In!

Student Government finished up the Executive Board elections with amazing candidate speeches today. The Student Government 2015-16 Executive Board is:
President, Jade Murphy '16
Vice-President, Carolyn Price '17
Secretary, Emily Sullivan '18
Treasurer, Rebecca Stevens '16
Please congratulate them, as well as Brianna Griep, Jordan Macklin, Ari Wilson and Daniel Wu on a  job well done. Class elections will take place when school resumes in the fall.

 Sophomore Round Table Discussion - Thoughtful & Engaging

Congratulations to Catherine Barale and David Reynold, along with the faculty facilitators for the third part of the year-long Sophomore Project, which took place last Thursday. Students were divided into three groups of ten. Students linked what they had learned in English and social studies to questions and themes of the exercise. They were engaged, and most were eager to share their current understanding of the American experience with their classmates. Evidence of this came with the break at the half-way point: students continued conversing about the topics even while enjoying the light refreshments, and they enthusiastically returned to their chairs for the second half.

The discussions were the third part of the Project. During the first trimester, students wrote a thesis paper as an English assignment in American Literature . During the second, they prepared a position paper for their U.S. History class. This third part was a culmination of the first two, a cross disciplinary exercise that required an ability to recall and connect content, a quick wit in formulating responses, conversational skills of listening and responding, and a self confidence that allowed each student to express himself or herself in this public setting.

Senior Update

Jacob Dysinger was awarded the Ray Yoshida Kaua'i Fine Arts Scholarship of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. Congratulations!

Students Getting Ready to Test ROVs in New 8,000 GallonTank

High School General Science students were working on their Underwater Remotely-Operated vehicles (ROVs) last week. They hope to start running them in the new 8,000 gallon test tank soon. The tank is along the gravel roadway in the robotics area behind Purdy Hall.
Kilikai Ahuna '17

Emma Kelekoma '18, Olivier Gendron '18 

Rebekah Boyd '18

Katy Davidson '15, Nico Maione '18,
Emma Kelekoma

Marine Science Students Learn About Estuaries

The marine science class visited Niumalu Beach Park, where Dr. Carl Berg explained estuarine ecosystems and native Hawaiian plants adapted to brackish water.

Students measured the salinity at various locations using a refractometer and found it ranged from 11 ppt to 27 ppt (ocean water is 35 ppt). The students also helped in the removal of invasive red mangrove seedlings from the newly re-vegetated marsh.

HS Theatre Students Make Greek Masks 

Can you guess who is behind these masks?
Alice April's theatre arts students have been learning about the origins of Western theatre. In the style of Greek theatre, they made plaster masks and painted them. They used them in class in scenes Euripides' Medea.

 Book Buy-Back: Sell Back Your HS Textbooks

Students with high school textbooks may sell their books back to our online book store. It's time to get a quote from MBS Direct. Here's how to do it:
  • Go online to start your Book Buy Back Quote!
  • Bring your books to the Island School Logo Store between June 8 - June 12, from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. or 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks processing time to receive your refund check, issued directly from MBS Direct 
Please email Alice at if you have any questions.