Monday, May 18, 2015

Eye on Art Exhibit Open Through Tuesday, May 19

The Grand opening of our middle and high school art exhibit, Eye on Art, was a wonderful success, with two hours of student-entertainment, refreshments, big crowds and, of course, impressive works of art. Many thanks to those who provided food and the show-sitters.

The show will be taken down after school on Wednesday, May 20th. Anyone wanting to help may show up at the KSA gallery at Kukui Grove Center at 3:30 p.m.

Visit our Shutterfly site to see all the great photos:
Password = islandschool

Ian Cowden '15, and Eli Smart '17, played several songs.

Deanna Sloger '15, performed a monolog with Siena Agudong acting as her daughter.

Saige Akana '16. was one of seven poetry readers

Niklas Hirsch '17, played a difficult ukulele piece with Ian Cowden '15

Lexi Warnock '19, and Olivia Gegen '19 played several numbers

Sixth graders, Kahana Heen, Sydney Jona, Nahe Edwards and Veda Parker danced hula and Tahitian

Sydney & Siena Agudong (9th & 5th graders) sang a duet.
Zeb Wichert '16, recited a poem.