Friday, May 22, 2015

Elementary Highlights: Week of May 25th

 Kindergartners at Camp Naue

The group arrived safely today for their overnight camping trip.

 Elementary Spelling Bee Results

Students in grades 2-5 squared off this afternoon in over 11 rounds at the Spelling Bee. It all came down to three championship rounds between Aria Cuthbertson (2nd) and Zach Ing (3rd).
The championship words were citizen, Tuesday, excellent, favorite, furious, hurricane, icing and listener.  Aria and Zach both won equally, due to a technicality. The two gracious winners shared movie tickets.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and conducted themselves as a superior audience… at times on the edge of their seats! 
Many thanks to Elizabeth Scamahorn, Myra Van Ornum Deyden and Judy Byce for organizing and leading the Bee.

Heads Up: Next year's Spelling Bee will include days of the week, months of year, America, United States, Island School, and Pacific Ocean. 

Competitors included:
Selah Snowden

Aria Cuthbertson 

Kaedyn Santiago


Zachary Ing

Kai Spindt

Marina Jovanovic

Kilinoe Oliveira
Julia Barzilai
Kyle Rapozo

Tane Macko

Ema-Lani Ebesu

Ryden Williams


 3rd/Kinder Enjoy Trip to Kamalani Bridge Tuesday
Third Graders with their Kindergarten Buddies Tuesday at Kamalani Bridge.


Talent Show Wednesday

Right after Morning Circle! We have a great line-up. Come watch.

Spelling Bee at 1:00

Students in grades 2-5 will show their spelling skills in the Main Hall!

ERB Testing This and Next Week for Gr. 3-5

Elementary students in grades 3-5 are taking the Educational Records Bureau Standardized Test this week and next during the hours before lunch. Everyone is helping by keeping the noise level down in their areas.

 Water Safety in Hawaiian Studies

Elementary students had some fun in the water this week in Hawaiian Studies. Kapena Steve gave them a lesson in water safety, then they were put to the canoe test. Could they keep their canoe upright? It takes concentration and determination. Only a few were able to do it.

Dallas and Ryden - on the count of three, they're on their own!

Ema-Lani and Alana tip over!

Cody and Tane were the only 5th graders who could stay afloat. Even whle

Do Drop Inn Campers Had Fun Last Weekend

Mr. Dean's annual Do Drop Inn camp-out was lots of fun. Over 30 people spent the night on campus in tents. On Saturday they had a water day, with shaving cream fights and water slides.

Siena Agudong Co-Stars on Nickelodeon SitCom

Fifth grader, Siena Agudong has been cast in a recurring co-star role on one of Nickelodeon's new TV shows, "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn." She will be in the first episode of the second season this coming Saturday, May 23rd. Check your television listings for the channel and time. Siena plays the part of Natlee.