Thursday, April 16, 2015

Middle School Spirit Week This Week

There is a middle school spirit week starting next week, Monday, April 20th. For interested middle school students, Spirit Week is an opportunity to show personal and school spirit by dressing in the daily theme, while also adhering to the school dress code.

 Here are the Week's Themes:

Monday, 20th -- Colors of the Sky, Rainbow and Cloud Day
  • Wear bright colors and fluffy clothing.
Tuesday, 21st –Tie Dye Day
  • Wear swirly colors that bleed together.
Wednesday, 22nd – Dark Night Day
  • Wear dark colors, navy blue, black, grey and gloomy.
Thursday, 23rd --Bright Lights and Neon Day
  • Wear the loudest clothing you can find.
Friday, 24th -- Create your own T-Shirt Day
  • Wear a plain white T-shirt, bring colored sharpies and draw on your shirt. You may also draw on a friend's shirt as long as you ask them and it is appropriate for school. If you have a question about what is appropriate ask a teacher before you do it. You are responsible for your shirt. This can only take place before or after school and during break times.

Spirit Week Rules:

  • Participants must be in accordance with the theme.
  • Normal Island School dress code rules of modesty apply: no midriffs showing, shoulder straps of appropriate width (two finger length), appropriate length of pant or skirt, footwear required.
  • No hats, masks, props worn during class.
  • Respect other students' outfits or accessories.
  • If a student chooses not to participate in the spirit week themes, he/she must be in regular school wear.