Wednesday, April 29, 2015

AP Exams Next Week

Next week, students all over the country will take AP exams. These are nationally administered exams that are given for specific subjects on the same day and time (time-zone relative). Students may receive college credit and/or college placement for taking the exam depending on how well they perform and what their colleges allow.

Eleven Island School juniors and seniors will be among the top 7% of math students in the nation taking the AP Calculus exam on Tuesday, May 5, at KCC from 8:00-12:30. Four (*) of these students will be taking the Calculus II exam, which places them in the top 1% of math students nationally. 

Those taking the AP Calculus Exam are:
Allison Culliney ʻ15
Michaela Fitzgerald ʻ16
Moeko Fukada* ʻ15
David Harris ʻ15
Davis Huffman* ʻ15
Ashley Larkin ʻ15
Josh Miller* ʻ16
Madison Moore ʻ15
Deanna Sloger ʻ15
Whitney Summerhays* ʻ15
Autumn Warnock ʻ15

Twelve students will take the AP Literature and Composition Exam on Wednesday, May 6th from 8:00-12:30 at KCC. The AP Literature and Composition Exam assesses a student's ability to read and write critically. The first hour of the three hour assessment consists of fifty-five multiple choice reading comprehension questions. During the final two hours, the students compose three essays. The first essay requires students to analyze how a poet employs literary techniques to develop a complex meaning on a specific topic in the provided poem, the second asks students to analyze how an author reveals a character or theme in the provided novel excerpt, and the last challenges students to discuss a literary concept, insight, or technique using one of the novels or plays they have studied previously.

Those taking the AP Literature & Composition Exam are:
Leila Breen ʻ16
Michaela Fitzgerald ʻ16
David Harris ʻ15
Lily Hsu ʻ16
Lauren Oelke ʻ16
Jericha Major ʻ16
Ziko Quintana ʻ16
Emma Schneckʻ16
Ashley Silvestre ʻ16
Autumn Warnock ʻ15
Zeb Wichert ʻ16
Daniel Wu ʻ16

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