Thursday, April 30, 2015

6th Graders Experiment with Kinetic Energy

Students have been learning how to calculate Gravitational Potential Energy and experimenting to see how much kinetic energy a car could generate moving down a ramp. By altering the height and mass of their cars, they were able to reach specific distances that were assigned by their teacher, Mr. Corbo.

Later this week, students will be asked to make their cars achieve a random assigned distance. By adjusting the car's Gravitational Potential Energy, by changing its height or mass, students will be able to achieve these assigned distances. A competition among lab groups will take place to see which group can come closest to their assigned distance using the data they collected.
Sixth grade science class were busy with experiments.
Colby Barth sees if his car can go theistance.
Katherine Polzin, Alex Galiza-Riola and Nahe Edwards measure the height of their ramp.