Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seniors Make Impressive Presentations

The Class of 2015 completed their Senior Capstone requirement today by making public presentations of their year-long projects. The high school schedule was arranged so that each speaker had an audience of their peers to watch and ask questions.

Bob's remarks:
Congratulations and thanks to Jeff Kozak, faculty advisers, and seniors: What an incredible day! I managed to attend six sessions, from photography to HVP Vaccine, and each was well organized and well presented. The seniors had done their work, and it showed. Also, the logistics of the day, with all high-school students attending eight presentations, was a remarkable accomplishment. Further, in all the sessions I attended, the attention given the presenters was excellent, and the questions they asked were thoughtful and to the point.

Here are just a few photos of the presentations. For a complete list of presentations, visit an earlier post: http://voyagervoice.ischool.org/2015/03/senior-presentations-tuesday.html

Madison Moore's presentation on depression

Ashley Larkin speaks about gender in education.

Shawna Dinnan on educating autistic children.

Hannah Stone speaks about orca whales in captivity.

Zach Beydoun demonstrates IOS application development.