Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Science Olympiad State Finals This Weekend

Our Science Olympiad teams will travel to O‘ahu this Friday to compete in the state finals at Leeward Community College. As winners of the Kaua‘i Regional Olympiad, our teams will represents Kaua‘i at this event.

The events our 'C' team (grades 9-12) is entering are: Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Bridge Building, Cell Biology, Chemistry Lab, Compound Machines (levers, pulleys, etc.), Dynamic Planet (oceanography), Entomology (insects), Experimental Design, Forensics, Fossils, GeoLogic Mapping, Green Generation (ecology and the environment), It’s About Time (design and build a device to measure time with pendulums, sand, etc.), Protein Modeling, Scrambler (build a small toy car to be propelled at a wall with an egg on the front. The car must stop before the egg is “scrambled”), Technical Problem Solving (using electronic equipment to take measurements, easier than it sounds), and Write It Do It.

Our Division C team - coach Jeff Kozak: 

Allison Culliney '15 
Moeko Fukada '15 
Madison Moore '15
Ally Pascual '15
Autumn Warnock '15
Brianna Griep '16
Jericha Major '16
Amanda Ngyuen '16
Ashley Silvestre '16 
Daniel Wu '16
Allison Summerhays '17
Julia Randolph-Flagg '17 
Lia Yamasato '17 
Lindsay Nakea-Tresler '18 
Summer Suttell '18

The events our 'B' team (grades 6-9) is entering are:
Air Trajectory, Anatomy, Bio-Process Lab, Bottle Rocket, Bridge Building, Crave The Wave, Crime Busters, Dynamic Planet, Entomology, Experimental Design, Fossil, Meteorology, Picture This, Road Schola, Robo-Cross, Simple Machines, Wheeled Vehicle, and Write It Do It .

Our Division B team - coaches Traci Sullivan & Joe Corbo:
Jaden DeSouza '21 
Sierra Dias '21
Ki‘ilani Arruda '20
Rachel Dressler '20
Conor Hunt '20
James Pratt '20
Ka'ohu Ranis '20
Luke Sullivan '20
Bryce Yoshida '20
Dominic Lafratta '19
Erika Corcoran-Lewis '19
Sasha Rovinsky '19
Manu Trujillo '19
Lexi Warnock  '19
Audrey Warner '19
Bryant Wu '19
Aliana Ho '18
Emily Sullivan '18