Sunday, March 15, 2015

MS Wins 3rd Place in State Science Olympiad

Island School's middle school team won 3rd place at the State Science Olmpiad held on Saturday, March 14, at Leeward Community College. This is the first time Island School has placed at the State level in the Science Olympiad!

Individual medalists include Luke Sullivan '20, Aliana Ho '18, James Pratt '20, Bryce Yoshida '20, Emily Sullivan '18, and Manule‘a Trujillo '19. 

Our high school team placed in one event. Moeko Fukada '15, and Autumn Warnock '15, won 3rd place in "It's About Time," where they built a mechanical clock and also took a test on the science of time. The rest of the results will be released on Tuesday.

Kudos to their dedicated teachers: Traci Sullivan, Roxanne Havekort-Yeh, Jeff Kozak, Bruce Hogue and Joe Corbo. The teams worked very hard and represented Island School well! Congratulations!

On the left, Luke Sullivan & Ali Ho receive their medals in the Road Scholar event!

James Pratt & Bryce Yoshida prepare to run their first place robot!

Emily Sullivan & Manu Trujillo win the gold medal in Crime Busters!