Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moon Rocks Visit Island School

Bruce Hogue, with special arrangement with NASA, brought samples of moon rocks to share with
Students were able to examine the samples through a microscope.
students in his 8th grade Earth & Space Science classes. He explained to students that the rocks are considered "national treasures," and that special security precautions must be followed in borrowing them. 
The lunar samples were encased in clear plastic.
Bruce has always been fascinated with space science. He actually knew astronaut, Neil Armstrong! His presentation compared the resources found on earth (air, water, shelter, food) with those on the Earth's moon (none). He used a 12: globe and a tennis ball, spaced 35' apart, to represent the scale of the immense distances in space. He talked about the history of the space race and the 12 men who walked on the moon during the NASA Apollo Program.

Studying the moon rock and soil samples revealed to scientists a tremendous amount of information about the formation of the moon. Bruce gave his students worksheets while giving individual students and small groups a chance to look at the lunar samples through a microscope. The samples were encased in clear plastic for viewing and to keep them safe.

Na Pua Keiki learned about the moon.
Other classes had a chance to see and learn about the moon rocks. Bruce made special visits to the PK - 5th grade classes. The rocks have safely been returned to NASA. Mahalo Bruce, for giving our students this opportunity to learn about space science.