Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love Was In The Air For Spanish Students

For el Día de San Valentín, Señora Summerhays' Spanish classes created amazing, funny, and creative poems about pairs of things that cannot be without each other. Here are some favorites:

"Yo sin ti" Bulletin Board

 “Yo sin ti" / "Me without You” is like …
  • un iPhone sin encargador / an iPhone without a charger
  • FC Barcelona sin Messi / Barcelona without Messi
  • el arcoiris sin lluvia / a rainbow without rain
  • los adolescentes sin comida / teenagers without food
  • el amor sin amistad / love without friendship
  • la comida sin sabor / food without flavor
  • la vida sin sentido / life without meaning
  • Señora Sullivan sin ciencias / Mrs. Sullivan without science
  • Señor Evslin sin computadoras / Mr. Evslin without computers