Friday, January 9, 2015

Head Search Update

This update is from Mary Capwell, Chair of the Head Search Committee:
As we reported last month, three finalists for the position of Head of School position will visit Island School during the month of January: (Please note a change in the dates for the last visit)

Monday and Tuesday, January 12 and 13
Thursday and Friday, January 15 and 16
Monday and Tuesday, January 26 and 27

Each finalist and his/her spouse will spend two full days on campus and will follow a schedule which will allow interaction with all constituent groups including administrators, faculty and staff, students, parents and alumni, as well as the 25-member Head of School Advisory Committee, which is composed of members of all of these groups.  Each finalist will be interviewed by the Board of Directors during that time, and it is the Board which will make the final selection of our next Head of School in early February.

Details of scheduled gatherings and meetings will be emailed to each constituent group five days before the scheduled visits.  For example, information including time and place about gatherings and meetings for the first visit on January 12 and 13 will be emailed on Wednesday, January 7.

We understand that everyone is curious about the names and professional backgrounds of the finalists.  As is routine in these processes and as a courtesy to finalists, that information is not provided until just days before the visit. They are all currently employed and may not want their candidacy revealed prematurely. 

We will identify the finalists five days before their visits, and copies of  their resumes and other pertinent information will be available for your perusal in the main office at that time.  All members of our Island School community are invited to stop by the office and to take a few minutes to become familiar with our position finalists before their visits.

Following each finalist's visit, we encourage all constituents to email the Head of School Search Committee at to share their thoughts and impressions.  All information will be shared with the Board of Directors for their consideration before naming our next Head of School.

We are grateful to Waimakua Mary Rice which is generously funding our search process and the costs of bringing our finalists and their spouses on island.

Thank you in advance for your active participation in this phase of our search!