Monday, January 19, 2015

Farm Fair 2014 Funds Distributed

Our food booth at the 2014 Farm Fair
Island School obtained rights to operate a food booth at the 2013 Kaua’i County Farm Bureau (KCFB) Fair through the efforts of parent volunteer Pepe Trask. 2014 was the second year Island School was invited to participate as a food vendor in the KCFB Fair. This year’s menu included a grilled steak plate, grilled mahi plate, combo plate, li hing mui pineapple spears, and beverages. The fair took place at Vidinha Stadium Thursday, August 21, 2014 - Sunday, August 24, 2014. 166 parent, staff, and student volunteers helped to make this four-day event a great success!
As decided by all attendees present at the General Meeting held on July 10, 2013, 10% of the remainder, after all expenses have been paid, will be set aside as seed money for next year’s food booth operations. The rest will be divided three ways - between the Elementary division, the Middle School, and the High School - on a per-student basis. Each division will decide how to distribute its portion of the revenue equitably within the group

The distribution of Farm Fair funds was made: (based on the total student count of 367 in December 2014 at $29.65 per student)

Elementary PK - 5$4091.70 (138 students)
PK = 19 students
K= 20 students
1st=  21 students
2nd= 17 students
3rd= 18 students
4th= 20 students
5th= 23 students

Middle School 6-7-8$2816.75 (95 students)
6th= 36 students
7th= 31 students
8th= 28 students

High School 9-10-11-12)$3973.10 (#134 students)
9th= 42 students
10th= 31 students
11th=29 students
12th= 32 students