Friday, January 30, 2015

8th Graders Remove 1100 lbs of Debris from Koloa Shoreline

Scott Bacon sent this report and photos of the 8th graders' Ho‘okupu service project: 

In celebration of Island School’s 38th Birthday the 8th grade students gave one of the greatest gifts that can be given, service. In collaboration with the local non-profit organization, Malama Na Apapa, 28 students, and 4 leaders and teacher, cleaned out overgrown weeds and a lot of debris that was hiding in the overgrowth. The students diligently worked from 9:30am to 1:30pm, only stopping to take a break to get water and have a short 30-minute lunch. With their tremendous efforts, 500 lbs of man made debris and approximately 600 lbs of green waste were removed from the shoreline along Koloa Landing. 
Many were surprised to see just how much debris was lying unseen in the overgrowth just feet from the beautiful ocean and dive site at Koloa Landing.
Items collected include car tires, golf balls, fishing line, car parts, wooden crates and plastic food wrappers. Some of the most unusual items found include a very old radio, an ice skate, a sling shot, and a Coors beer can that had a design on the can from a very long time ago.
By removing all of this debris from the shoreline the 8th grade class not only helped beautify the dive site on land, but also helped prevent a lot of this debris from entering into the ocean. During heavy rains a lot of the lighter debris is carried into the ocean with the runoff and ends up entangling the beautiful coral reef just off shore. Debris is also eaten by the majestic sea turtle population that lives at this reef.
(In case you are wondering– no, the students did not get to use the chain saw!)