Friday, December 19, 2014

Hula Students Make 'Uli'Uli

Shawna Dinnan sews on her first feather of hundreds.
In addition to learning how to dance the students in Kumu Kauka's hula class also learn to make their own 'uli'uli, or feather gourd rattles.

Students carve ohe kapala, or bamboo stamps, for kapa.
L-R: Salisa Pegeder, Lindsey Nakea-Tresler, Lexi Warnock, Maren Vilz and Carina Metzger

Before beginning her 'uli'uli Maya Rivera carved an ohe kapala for kapa. Here she is testing it out.

 Brianna Binder begins sewing feathers on her 'uli'uli.