Thursday, November 20, 2014

SCUBA Certification Discounts over Thanksgiving Break

Students can still get certified at a discounted price over the vacation holiday. This will allow them to participate in the SCUBA activities in the future led by Roxanne Haverkort. 

Here is a break down on pricing for the Open Water Certification Through Kaua‘i Down Under. Just tell them you are with Island School. 

  • Normal price is $468.75, Island School gets $140.63 (30%) off so price is $328.12.  
  • The students need to buy the Crew Pack from the Sheraton desk in Po‘ipu for $78.13.  
  • After they complete the book work they can schedule the training. At that point they pay the remainder of $249.99. 
  • Just ask for Mike when you call.
If you have any questions, contact Joe Corbo at