Thursday, November 13, 2014

North Shore Bus Route Improvements

Mahalo to parents of the North Shore morning school bus route.  We observed marked improvement with traffic flow at the roundabout at the Kilauea Mini-Golf bus stop this week.

Here are the guidelines again for your review.    
  •  The buses are scheduled to leave the stop at 6:47 a.m. Students should be dropped off in the parking lot before the bus arrives. 6:47 is the bus departure time, not the arrival time for students.
  • Use the parking lot behind the bus shelter to safely drop off students.
  • Vehicles should not pull in front of or park behind the buses. The entire turnaround area is needed to safely board students.
  • Sometimes a bus may arrive a few minutes late. This is all the more reason to keep the turnaround area un-congested, allowing for the buses to park and safely board the students.
When the buses leave after 6:47 a.m, they generally arrive at school late. Please follow these guidelines. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.